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A Complete Guide on Doing Currency Exchange in Bangalore

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If you want to get your currency exchanged in the city of Bangalore, you’ll be able to do that in many ways. Most people visit banks that offer inter rates that aren’t too flexible.

This means you’ll possibly get a single rate all through the day. Banks also offer added charges on the exchange of currency. Then you have money changers in Bangalore that offer flexible rates on an exchange, but you won’t get the rates that are available in real-time.

You may need to exchange money for various reasons such as educational fees, traveling aboard or remitting money. The best option is to use online money exchange platforms to avail these services in Bangalore. Currency exchange is simple with online forex websites.

Ways to get foreign exchange in Bangalore

  • Banks

It is the most expedient way to exchange money, and preferred by people to get easy money. Banks give you an exchange value that is not so flexible.

Additionally, they also apply charges on exchange value. So, if you need money for any emergency purpose, you will have to shell out some extra cash to the bank. They don’t provide complete convenience to exchange money.

  • Airport kiosks

Do you know that an airport kiosk for exchanging money is not only time consuming but it also costs you extra money? The rate of exchange is the highest, so you won’t get the deal that you are looking for. People who want money in an urgent situation mostly consider this option.

  • Online forex platforms

Online forex sites offer the best deals on exchange in different parts of Bangalore. With the click of a button, your cash will be delivered to your doorstep. The rates that are offered by online forex sites are flexible as compared to banks. These sites offer rates on a real-time basis so you get a fair price advantage on your money.

  • Money changers

Most people still go to money changers for getting money exchanged. There are many such money changers in Bangalore, but you can’t get a low rate here. Most money changers offer a fixed rate with extra charges. The whole process can also take some time.

Comparison of Online forex platforms with Moneychangers

Everything is available online today, you name it, and you can buy it. So, why go to a bank or any other place to get your money exchanged? You may need money for any purpose, but online forex sites offer the best deals on exchange.

Most sites offer expediency of places, which means, the site will deliver your exchange amount to any location in Bangalore. When you fill-up the currency exchange form, you’ll be able to choose the best rates that are available in the live feed.

Online forex sites update rates on a real-time basis so you can choose a rate that suits you the best. The process is quick, and your money will get home delivered within twenty-four hours.

If you compare money changers with online forex sites, then they offer a good value on the exchange. But, they don’t offer you a flexible rate. It is a prefixed rate that you may have to go with.

The time taken for exchange is not fixed. If you need to exchange money in an emergency, then money changers may not give you that time frame. You can expect simple terms on delivery of money. But, the whole process may take extra time.

Why choose online platforms for currency exchange?

Online forex platforms provide you with live market rates. The real-time market rates will let you avail the best rate of exchange in Bangalore. Expect no hidden charges on currency exchange as compared to banks.

Banks apply charges on the exchange depending on the amount of currency that you need. But, here there are no such charges. Most online platforms offer zero percent charge on an exchange, which means you will get your deal for no added charges.

You’ll get to save your money here. You don’t have to pay any commission for getting your currency exchanged.

Forex sites let you freeze your rate. If this is a new concept for you, then you need to understand this. If you are looking to exchange your money for the lowest possible rate, you’ll need to check for the rates that are listed.

Freeze a rate you think is feasible. Now, you can lock in that rate for two to three days depending on the transaction. Some sites also let you pay upfront on the rate you lock-in.

Use the same rate for up to three days if the rates are high on the second day. It means that you could save for the best and get the best deal available.

When you book your forex order online, you’ll get to choose from a network of locations. Choose a place and book your order without any inconvenience. The best part about getting an online exchange is; you will get a home delivery option.

Once you make the payment online, your order will get delivered in no time. Some sites offer same-day delivery and some next-day depending on the amount you choose.

You’ll be able to save on referral orders and cashback that are offered on online transactions. Some sites also offer discounts on the exchange of orders, which is an added benefit.

Process of currency exchange in Bangalore

The process of exchange depends on your choice. Visit banks or money changers if you want to get your money exchanged traditionally. Most people stick to online websites as the process is hassle-free and quick.

You’ll be able to select your city, forex requirement, and complete your order within minutes. The forex company will then schedule your door delivery at no extra cost.

Some sites also offer a pick-up. If you have extra time, you can do that too. You’ll be able to track your order till the time it is delivered to your place just like applications have a tracking feature today. You need to upload all the KYC documents that include Pan Card, Passport, and other visa details.

You will be able to exchange money at the best exchange rates, whether it is for overseas remittances, educational fees, or international trips. In contrast to money changers, online platforms have the best exchange rates. Check for your option and get the best exchange deal in Bangalore.

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