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A Brief History of Turkish Jewelry

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Turkish Jewelry is among the world’s first truly international jewelry styles. As the traditional art of handmade jewelry was literally born and evolved in the ancient lands then known as the Ottoman Empire, Turkish jewelry also has a rich and long history. Today the craftsmanship still thrives in this country and many craftsmen still create this jewelry from the very best local and traditional raw materials. You will find that Turkish jewelry is not only made for men, but women also enjoy these works of art. In fact, women are even beginning to collect pieces of these handcrafted pieces.

One of the most popular forms

Of Turkish jewelry today are Aigrettes or otherwise known as “Gemstones”. Gemstones are small solid rocks that are cut and then set into place to make jewelry, though there are other types of stones that can be set into a ring. An Aigrette is a thin wide strip of stone set flush into a silver ring for necklaces and other wearables. There are several different types of gemstones that can be used for an Aigrette, though red and white opals are the most common.

Another of the more traditional types

Of Turkish jewelry are the Ankoumi. These jewels pieces are circular in shape. They are crafted out of black semi-precious stones, though some white and red rubies, as well as other metals are also used. The rounded corners of an Ankoumi are designed in a way to keep the stones secure within their housing. An ankoumi is traditionally worn by Muslim women during special ceremonies, such as wedding ceremonies.

One of the most popular types of Turkish jewelry that is worn today are the ankoumias, or jewelries with round, black, silver, or gold beads dangling from them. These jewels pieces feature beautiful designs, which make them extremely attractive. Some of these items have motifs running across the surface of the jewelries. There are even some pieces that feature motifs running down one side of each side. There are many different designs and motifs that can be found on these unique pieces, which makes them beautiful to wear.

Another type of Turkish jewelry that is very popular today are the jewelry pieces that feature khodes. These are small, black, green gemstones. They are unique because they do not have the appearance of a gemstone at all. Instead, a kinda resembles a seed that has a texture similar to that of sand. Many of these homes are crafted from semi-precious gemstones and semi-precious metals, though there are some that are crafted from amethyst. They can be found online and in some local retail outlets around the world.

The other type

Of Turkish jewelry that is also popular today are turquoise pieces. These gemstones have a brown, green, or blue color. Some of them have a very faint blue tint, while others are completely transparent. Turkey is rich in mineral deposits and so these green and blue colored gemstones come as a result. They make excellent gifts for people of any age and because they are so common in turquoise jewelry, they make great Mother-of Pearls.

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