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A Beginner’s Guide To Rank Higher On Google My Business Listing

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Are you familiar with Google’s off-page SEO? Anything taking place outside the website falls under the off-page. For your GMB listing, this element is quintessential. But why? Well, because you would want your roofing company to top the list. Of course, you cannot sit there and leave it to your customers. Take things into your hands and go through the ranking factors. In today’s blog, I am going to scour the ranking factors and their influence on the listing. Let’s dig deeper for a better place on Google My Business.

Ranking Factors: Outside Forces

Proximity, prominence, and relevance are important driving forces on your GMB. Gaining the local pack where the office is located is not the same as winning 3 miles away.

Before delving deep into how the local pack ranking changes the farther your office goes, let’s keep a few things in mind.

Did you know your actions can leave a negative effect on the Google Maps Rankings? For instance, your office is not in the town, but somewhere out in the United States. Now, this can put a dent in the searches.

Unique Searches & Proximity

You might be making a huge mistake if you thought every search is the same. It differs, just as every person is unique on their own.

Check the ranking factors of roofing contractors throughout the day. You’ll notice that Google shows up the result based on proximity. If you are closer to the office, the rank is higher.

And did you know Local U’s research reveals the local pack changes per 2.5 miles? So, the most uncomplicated way to win the local spot is to be within 2.5 miles of a searcher. It is pretty consistent, and the next professional tips can help you.

  • Google shows what it thinks you prefer and want.
  • Each search you do on Google influences the upcoming results.
  • Accurate Google search results are quite impossible on desktop or iPhone.

What does it really mean? Your searches change the results. If you search your competitor or company, the next Google result is tweaked. Follow the smart way; work with SEO tools to search.

Office Locations Help

Have you heard companies manipulate the location? The popularity of the neighborhood is a key factor.

Many clients take the high road and end up using their home address as the office location. In the midst of this, the office location turns out to be in a less-populated neighborhood or often somewhere in the country.

This does not bring in business, but you continue to dwell in a deception. Your roofing company requires all the attention from heavily populated areas and good neighborhoods. Proximity indeed spreads its roots deeper than you think.

Search Relevance

How important do you think relevance as a ranking factor is for your GMB profile? In case you didn’t know, it has a connection to the searcher’s search on Google.

As mentioned earlier, every search is not the same. Let’s take a look at the three common searches that look identical,

  • Local roofer near me
  • Best roofer near me
  • Roofer near me

What is your guess about the difference? Put your focus on “near me”. Undoubtedly, it refers to the roofing business nearest to the user.

Now, come back to the word “best”. Google focuses on it because numerous reviews are already out there. The word serves as a way to fetch more clicks as the search engine starts digging the company website following several factors. In many cases, it does not leave out your BBB profile, either.

Proximity Meets Relevance

To many people’s surprise, everything is linked to Google My Business. It is Google’s responsibility to be informed about your business. Their crawling often touches the Secretary of State’s website for digging out whatever there it is about your company on the web.

If you have started getting gist now, let’s go back to the previous search examples. Mull over the term, “local roofer near me”. For those who see the world in black and white; the search term does not make a difference. But in reality, it does, and how!

Backlinks Affecting GMB Listing

According to the world of Google, the word “local” assures more clicks. Also, the website content and backlinks to the company webpage certify the business as local. It is quite fascinating if you consider this analogy: 

When you are sponsoring a little league, you would like to see your website name on the jerseys. A similar thing occurs when you use backlinks or mention domains. And Google is quite engrossed in this concept.

The search engine prefers to call it a sponsored link. Surprisingly, many local competitors may not be fully aware of the factor.

Again, Google understands the difference between sponsored links and user-generated content. I believe the beauty of backlinks lies here.

Prominence, Last but not Least

Search roofing companies near me. What will Google do now? It will try to show the best result.

Remember, it is imperative for Google to mention the roofing company which serves its customers best. Otherwise, users may not return to the search engine. But how does Google excel every time?

It screens and evaluates everything about the roofing company available on the internet. The search engine employs information for the best result. And no, the complaints and negative reviews do not escape its attention.

Now it’s Your Turn

It is the Google algorithm that connects the dots between relevance, proximity, and prominence. If you can manage to tick off the factors, you are the best company on the web. 

Of course, they claim to have 300 driving forces in the algorithm, and I say there could be more. After all, every search is extremely distinctive from another. Brace yourself for any search that comes up!


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