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Do you live in a small house but still want to get the most out of your interior? We give you 15 tips, tricks and a good dose of inspiration to furnish a small house or apartment in an attractive and practical way.


A large living room is not for everyone. But that doesn’t mean we can’t make our small living room cozy!

It is essential for a small living room to find a way to create space. An empty corner where you actually do nothing with a function for a while by, for example, displaying and storing your books.

Multifunctional furniture is very practical in a small home and there is also plenty for sale in this area. Think, for example, of an extendable dining table, a sofa bed or a coffee table where you can also store things.


Decorating a small bedroom can sometimes be a bit tricky. Your bed is the most important element in your bedroom, and you should certainly not compromise on this (even in a smaller bedroom) when choosing the right size bed. Make sure your bed is spacious and comfortable enough, and important in a small bedroom: it is also high enough. This way you can easily place practical drawers under the bed in which you can store all your belongings.

It is also important for a small bedroom to choose the right wardrobe. Make optimal use of the height of your ceiling and choose the highest possible cabinet, so that you can easily store all your clothes in your wardrobe. Also opt for a slightly deeper cupboard, so that you can store even more! Use side tables as space winners, you can easily place them anywhere!


A small home cries out for light! Light colors in your interior will only enhance the natural light that you get into your home. Light colors reflect light, dark colors absorb it. All kinds of reasons to use as many light colors as possible in your smaller home! Create atmosphere with accessories in deeper and warm colors such as some cozy cushions or a hip industrial rug .


In order to create the largest possible effect in the home, it is important to maintain an overview and tranquility by separating separate living areas. Do not immediately think of placing a wall, but use, for example, a room divider or beautiful cupboard to create a partition in the room.

Plants or furniture are also a simple and easy solution to get the feeling that transitions in rooms are accentuated without losing space. For example, place a sofa or armchair in such a way that it forms a partition, or place some plants next to each other.


Do you want to go big? For example, place a glass wall in the house, instead of a brick wall. This way the light flows beautifully throughout the house and you get the feeling of one large whole, while the living areas are still closed off.

The well-known trick, which really always works: placing a nice large industrial mirror that makes the room appear many times larger.

An enormous wall-sized mirror can be placed in a strategic place, which makes the living space feel twice as large.

When placing the mirror, take into account the shape of the room and the incidence of light. Do you want to make the room look wider? Then place a mirror against a wide wall. Want to make the room look longer? Then place it against a narrow wall.


Floating elements or shelves are extremely practical and perfect for a small apartment. For example, find beautiful shelves yourself and attach them to the wall, with metal supports for example: original and practical! 

Many furniture can also be made floating – for example, if you make a TV furniture floating and remove it from the floor, you immediately create more openness and space in the home. And it also looks chic and sleek!

A bookcase takes up a lot of space and you can replace it with different shelves and floating boxes. This way you immediately have an original storage system.


The floor can contribute to how spacious and light your apartment looks. When using, for example, the wrong color or the wrong material, the space can appear much smaller. If you want to make the room look bigger, use (almost) the same color floor as the one used on the walls. This creates a spatial whole and furniture will seem to float.

Another useful tip is to let the floor on one floor continue as much as possible in different rooms. If you were to give each room a different floor, the space would appear smaller. The omission of skirting boards between the doorposts also gives a spatial effect.


The correct use of lighting is essential in furnishing, but especially when furnishing a small house or apartment. Not every home is blessed with large windows, so if you don’t get a lot of natural light in your space, it’s important to ensure good lighting . It is a good idea to opt for lighting on several levels, such as a ceiling lamp and a wall lamp, in combination with another beautiful floor lamp in the corner. The variation makes the small space appear larger.


Don’t forget to put your personal stamp on your interior by adding characteristic and own objects. As a real interior lover you really count with a beautiful  gallery wall. From photos of your loved one, to beautiful postcards or places you’ve been. The perfect balance in colour, frames and shapes make the gallery wall a difficult part of the interior. In addition to frames, the current trend is to attach your records or photos to the wall by means of tape.


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