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9 Common Reasons for Back Pain

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Life has gone fast and busy, everyone is busy doing chores, completing work before deadlines, building an empire, working hard and more. We forget to take time and notice ourselves and the pain our daily habits are inducing in our bodies. Thanks to the medical achievements, we have a variety of solutions like Orthopedic surgery in Kenya is something that goes way too wrong and needs specialised procedures to be done to get back in normal space or fix it.

Back pains are kind of different from other pain; it is choric, it stays for way too long until we get either frustrated with it or habituated to it. However, there is an alternative of getting back pain treatment in Kenya, which would provide relief from the pain.

It is necessary to find the exact cause to get rid of the pain effectively. Here are some of the causes that you can evaluate.

  • Kidney Issues

Surprising, but it is true. Having a kidney stone or another kidney infection can result in back pain.

  • Bad Posture

One of the most obvious reasons is the sitting habits that we tend to overlook in our busy lives.

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  • Sudden Movements

We have also been guilty of this and have regarded it right the instant we had rushed things and ended up having back pain.

  • Osteoporosis

It is a disease that causes your bone mass to decrease. As a result, the bore becomes porous and brittle, increasing the probability of compression fractures. It is one of the most obvious reasons that you have pain.

  • Arthritis

Osteoarthritis is a disease (chronic inflammation). It affects the joints in the body, including the lower back. It can result in spinal stenosis, wherein the space around the spinal cord narrows.

  • Ruptured or Bulging Disks.

The spinal cord is made of a series of vertebrae, each of which is separated by the cushion disks. If the disk gets ruptured, then the cushion is eliminated, increasing the pressure on the nerve, which eventually results, whereas in the bulging disk where the disk gets budged, increasing the pressure causes the back pain. Both of these could be severely painful.

  • Mental Health

One of the most observed and talked of the outcome of the fast life is the bad mental health resulting in stress, anxiety and depression. We may neglect its link with pain, but it has been proven that this could result in chronic back pain.

  • Weight

Obesity itself is considered a disease. Extra weight that you badly could carry would result in a lot of problems for the body. One of the reasons for the back pain is surely the extra weight.

  • Occupation

Some of the jobs demand a lot of physical work like heavy lifting or bending may put a lot of strain on the spinal cord. Continuing this for a prolonged period would result in back pain.

The best way to get back pain treatment in Kenya is by identifying the exact cause. So, explore this and many more to effectively eliminate the cause.

Source:Stay Alert! This May Be Causing Your Back Pain


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