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9 Awesome Ways to Decorate Your Baby’s Nursery with Rugs

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The idea of a nursery is fascinating for parents. It’s a new space that can be customized to reflect your style and personality, as well as serve as the perfect backdrop for those precious first moments with your little one. Rugs are an excellent way to add color and texture to any room, but they’re significant in nurseries because babies spend so much time on the floor during their early months. In this article, we’ll share nine ways you can use the beautiful, soft, and best kids rugs in your baby’s nursery, from decorating around the crib to adding softness underfoot!

1) Lay a rug under the crib

Rugs make an excellent cushion for infants to roll around on, or they can be used as an alternative to bulky blankets that have been shown to pose suffocation risks. Place rugs in front of your baby’s dresser and change table, too, if you want her to crawl from one spot to the next. Rugs also make great surfaces for tummy time! They are comfortable, safe, and machine washable.

2) Choose a Soft and Comfortable Rug

Your baby’s nursery room should be a comfy and relaxing space, especially when it’s time for nap-time or bedtime. The nursery room should also make your infant feel safe and secure while sleeping in her crib. When choosing a rug, choose one that feels soft and comfortable to your baby’s sensitive skin. You may want to avoid rugs with fringe or tassels because they can pose strangulation hazards. We recommend any of our 100% cotton fabrics. There are many different types of rugs available on the market today; you can choose from shaggy area rugs to plush cotton rugs. Some rugs are made from materials that can be machine-washed and dried, while others may need to be dry cleaned only.

3) A Coordinated Nursery Design

You can decorate your baby’s nursery by coordinating the colors of her room with a rug design that matches her bedding set. Choose a design of the nursery and focus on colors, style, and themes. Your kid’s room should be full of colors and textures. You can easily decorate your baby’s nursery with rugs; however, you should always use caution when it comes to safety and remember the following:

  • Using a rug pad will help prevent slipping accidents that may result in injury or even death if an infant becomes entangled on a looped area rug.
  • You should never place a rug on top of wall-to-wall carpeting.
  • You should never place a plastic or vinyl runner over any other kind of floor covering because this can be very dangerous for your baby’s feet and legs.
  • Baby rugs with rubber backing are the best option if you want to secure them to hard surfaces, such as tile floors, without using a rug pad.
  • You should never place your baby’s crib near an area where there is heavy foot traffic because this can cause them to roll over and become trapped on the edge of the rug or, even worse, fall out onto a hard surface flooring underneath.

4) Go for a Theme

Themes are a great way to add personality and character to your baby’s room. You can decorate the entire room with matching colors, patterns, and styles, or you can choose one element of the nursery design to focus on, such as crib bedding sets that fit perfectly with coordinating rugs, for example. You can also mix up two or three themes to create a unique look that is all your own.

5) Go for a Furball Rug

Kids love colors and characters. One of the top trends in baby room rugs right now is to decorate with furballs or furry characters that are fun and cute for your little one to explore! You can also use them as a play mat on the floor where she will spend most of her time playing, crawling around, sitting up, rolling over, etc. These kid’s rugs look fantastic and create a fun play area for your baby. A furball is also a good idea for a room that has hardwood or tile floors because it is soft and cushioned. You can also find them in various colors, patterns, characters, styles, and sizes to perfectly fit your nursery decor!

6) Use Rugs to Create Visual Interest

Whether you are going with one theme or mixing up a few, rugs help create visual interest in your child’s nursery decorating ideas. You can use them on the wall as an accent piece or under the crib to add a pop of color. They are also great to use in the play area or under a chair. Rugs can be an easy way to add some color and character to your baby’s nursery! They are perfect for adding comfort, warmth, texture, durability, safety, and visual interest all at once!

7) Bring in Stuff Toys

Kids love to play and explore! Bring in fun stuffed toys that they can use to create their world. This is an excellent way for them to set the scene and play pretend! You can also use stuffed animals as decorations throughout your child’s nursery. It is a good idea to keep them in a basket near the crib, so when your little one gets scared, they have something to cuddle with.

Moreover, Stuff toys are great for adding fun and color! The more brightly colored ones add a fun look, while darker colors help anchor furniture pieces or another decor. They can also be used throughout the play area as floor pillows.

8) Play with the Colors

When picking out a rug for your baby’s nursery, make sure you carefully consider the color. It is imperative if you have a lot of furniture going into the room or wall decor that has already been decided on. You need to pick colors that look good and go well with what else is in the room. Suppose you have a lot of pink furniture, so you want to find a rug with light pinks and pale purples on it. You should try out either one or both colors in the available rugs to see which looks best before choosing. This is something you will want to do if there are many different rugs to choose from. You can use either or both colors for the white rug to make the rug match your room.

9) Don’t forget about texture!

Just because a color looks good doesn’t mean that it will look great on your flooring. You might have wooden floors and want a soft plush rug underneath the crib. That’s why you should also consider what kind of texture the rug will have. If you’re going for a plush feel, then go with something like velour or flokati rugs. These are the types of rugs that work well to add texture and comfort under your baby’s feet when they are learning to walk.

On a Final Note

We hope you’ve found this blog post helpful in your search for the perfect rug to decorate your baby’s nursery. If so, head on over to our website and start browsing! With various styles, sizes, colors, patterns, and materials available, we’re confident that there is something out there for everyone. Be sure to check back with us for more updates about RugKnots latest arrivals or follow us on Facebook. And as always – happy shopping!


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