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8 Tips For Making Your Weight Loss Easier

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While exercise is important for your health and in helping you meet your weight loss goals, you must also pay closer attention to your eating habits. How you eat your meals is as important as the foods you put into your body. In addition to knowing that high calories, trans fat, and refined sugar are to be avoided, these tips can help you lose more weight in a shorter period of time.

Stick to Portion-Controlled Meals

A common problem that many people face is eating portions that are too large. Even if you’re eating a healthy diet, eating a meal that consists of two or three portion sizes can derail your efforts by giving you too many calories to burn in the day. If you find it difficult to properly measure portions, you can use weight loss meal delivery Toronto to provide you with better options. A properly measured meal that consists of healthy foods will help you reduce your caloric intake.

Eat Slower

As hard as it may be to believe, the speed at which you eat your meal can impact how much food you eat. People who eat slower typically consume far fewer calories than those who rush through their meals. Research has found that it will take your body 20 minutes to send the message to your brain that you’re full. If you eat until you get that full feeling, you have taken in a minimum of 70 calories that your body really didn’t need. Instead, you should spend 30 minutes eating a single portion meal.

Eat Open-Faced Sandwiches

Everyone loves a good sandwich, and most meals consist of some type of sandwich. Unfortunately, the bread used to make a sandwich comprises most of the empty calories you consume in that meal. Instead of eating a sandwich with two slices of bread, leave the top uncovered. You can fold the bottom slice of bread over if you still want the fillings completely covered. By ditching that top slice of bread, you’re instantly eliminating 100 calories from your meal.

Eat Properly Proportioned Meals

Although portion size is important, you should also be measuring out the serving size of each type of food you eat. This sounds complicated, but it’s fairly simple. First, divide your plate in half and fill one half of the plate with fruits and vegetables. The remaining half of the plate should be divided into two sections. One-quarter of the plate should consist of fish, poultry, or lean red meat. The final quarter should consist of a protein-rich grain, such as quinoa or brown rice.

Always Eat Breakfast

Eating a healthy breakfast that’s rich in protein is essential because it will give you a natural energy boost for the first part of your day. Additionally, the natural fiber and protein will help you stay fuller for longer. For a light morning meal, eat peanut butter on wheat toast. For something heavier, try an omelet that has vegetables for a filling.

Eat More Natural Fiber

Another good tip for helping you achieve your weight loss goals is to add more foods that provide a natural source of fiber. The body takes longer to process fiber, which means you’ll feel full for longer. Natural sources of fiber, such as beans, berries, and whole grains, are also low in calories.

Pick Healthier Snacks

It’s a fact that people tend to snack throughout the day. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, you should be more conscious of the types of foods you choose as snacks. Instead of potato chips, candy, and ice cream, choose healthier options. Popcorn, dried fruit, and vegetable sticks with dip are some of the better options available to you.

Drink More Water

You should be drinking water consistently throughout your day to keep your internal organs hydrated. Drinking more water will also help you lose weight by keeping you feeling full without adding more calories to your diet. Drinking more water usually means eliminating other beverages from your diet as well. This will help you reduce your caloric intake, and your intake of sugar, sodium, and chemical additives will also be reduced.

As you begin following these tips, you should also consult with your doctor. It will still be important to meet any special nutritional needs that will impact your health. Your doctor can help you develop a safe way to change your diet and add physical activity to your daily routine.


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