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8 tips for facing winter with your car

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Facing winter: Winter is a perilous season for cars. The climatic conditions that accompany it undermine the vehicles which must redouble their efforts to function properly. This is why, before each winter period, it is essential to carry out a complete assessment of your car and to prepare it as well as possible to face the extreme cold. Whether you choose a vacation at home or in the high mountains, here you will find 8 tips for getting through winter safely.

facing winter: 1. A comprehensive review is needed

This first advice is valid whatever the season. Prolonged use due to going on vacation or extreme weather conditions requires a comprehensive overhaul of your vehicle. Nothing should be left to chance. In winter, pay close attention to the condition of your battery, tires and brakes. These three elements are more in demand during this season and their proper functioning will be essential to you.

2. Switch to winter tires

Rain, freezing fog, snow, ice… all of these factors can affect your vehicle’s grip. To ensure your road holding in all circumstances, equip your vehicle with winter tires as soon as the temperatures no longer exceed 7 ° C. These have special rubber that remains flexible even in very cold weather.

3. Equip yourself with snow chains

In the mountains, the sign “special equipment required” means that you must have snow chains to cross certain sections of the road. So, remember to bring a pair of chains. They slip very easily into a trunk and are the only equipment to guarantee your safety on very snowy roads.

4. A must: coolant

Contrary to popular belief, coolant does not only regulate the heat given off by the engine. In winter, the latter prevents the water present in the latter from freezing. It is therefore imperative, before each departure, to check the level of coolant in your vehicle and, if necessary, to bring a small container that you will have in your trunk alongside your snow chains.

facing winter: 5. Go through the anti-freeze washer

In winter, the windshield tends to get dirty more easily. We don’t always know it, but classic windshield washer products freeze below 0 ° C. To ensure good visibility on the road , therefore, consider investing in “anti-freeze” windshield washer fluid which will more easily withstand negative temperatures.

6. Protect your windshield

If you are going on vacation in the resort, bring a small squeegee with an integrated glove, preferably because the frosts will not spare your windshield. In the event of a prolonged shutdown, you can also place a large piece of cardboard or a tarpaulin provided for this purpose under your windshield wipers. Your windshield will thank you.

7. Anticipate your trips

In winter, it is imperative to find out about the traffic conditions before each major trip. Avoid as much as possible the “crossover” of departures on vacation and move serenely when the weather conditions are mildest.

facing winter: 8. Adapt you’re driving

Driving school is not taught enough, and yet a driver must be able to adapt his driving according to the season. In winter, you have to redouble your efforts to drive gently and responsibly. So, remember to adapt your speed, double your safety distances, and use the engine brake as much as possible so as not to damage your discs and risk losing your vehicle’s grip on the road.

After having reviewed each of these tips, all you have to do is enjoy the joys of winter with confidence.


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