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8 Step Office Renovation Checklist for 2021!

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High productivity of workers can be guaranteed if you create the most comfortable production area or office conditions. Worn-out and unkempt walls, a wiped floor, and a darkened ceiling kill employees’ enthusiasm, reduce interest in the work performed, and don’t stimulate full dedication. The above reasons make it necessary to engage in equipping workplaces, equipping them with modern technology, attractive appearance, and office renovation contractors.

So, if you’ve decided to move forward towards progress, you’ll need to start with setting up jobs. For this, it’s important to know how to efficiently repair office premises. This article will help you with this.

Table of Content

  • Office Renovation Checklist for 2021
    • Decide on the Design Style
    • Construct a Plan
    • Create a Supportive Reception Area
    • Consider Built-in Furniture
    • Use of High-Coating
    • Add Mini-Kitchen in Office
    • Install Technology
    • Adequate Lighting
  • Features of Office Space Renovation
  • Wrapping Up!

Office Renovation Checklist for 2021

Office Renovation Checklist for 2021 First of all, determine why you need an office renovation.The list of finishing work performed by the contractor for major and cosmetic repairs is approximately similar. However, overhaul provides for additional partial or complete replacement of equipment, dismantling and construction of partitions, laying electrical wiring and other network communications, installing windows and doors, and installing an alarm system. Before carrying out repairs, it’s important for contractors to visit the office premises to clarify the list of proposed works. Further, the project and design of the office premises are developed, the cost of repairs is calculated. After the approval of the estimate for the renovation of the office space, the project, the deadline, the contractor can fulfill the order.

Decide on the Design Style

First, you need to decide in what style the design will be implemented during the reconstruction and renovation of the office premises. When inviting a specialist for this purpose, you must concretize your vision of the final result of the repair work for him. Considering the opinions of employees helps in choosing the appropriate design. Often they can suggest some useful details that will transform your work area into a comfortable and efficient environment.

Construct a Plan

Constructing planning according to the volume of the working area enhances the performance of employees. It’s worth paying attention to creating additional desks for the future due to the possibility of increasing the staffing table. Carrying out repairs in parallel allows you to build a personal office for each employee with high-quality soundproofing. However, even if your office has a small area, it’s still better to allocate space for each employee by erecting office partitions.

Create a Supportive Reception Area

You should also pay particular attention to creating a supportive reception environment. In general, the reception area is the face of the company. In this room, clients expect a meeting with the management, in which they form an opinion about the company and stable the future

How to Design the Perfect Reception Area for your Office

Consider Built-in Furniture

It’s advisable to consider the design of the built-in furniture. This will help alleviate space congestion in small offices. In the initial stages of the renovation, expand the standard sill with the aligned panel. You can get a complete desktop. Shelves and cabinets fit comfortably into niches.

How to arrange office furniture - Intuity Technologies

Use of High-Coating

When choosing finishing materials for the renovation of office premises, it’s better to use high-quality coatings. This will keep the office in working order for a long time, even with the active movement of employees and clients. It makes sense to pay attention to porcelain stoneware or ceramic tiles with a high degree of wear resistance.

Add Mini-Kitchen in Office

While preparing an office renovation project for increasing the space, think about their working hours and break hours to eat, rest, and relax. Considering this option will help in bringing and creating a corner for relaxation and a mini-kitchen. Employees will appreciate such a working environment. But don’t forget to equip this mini-kitchen with some essential equipment, including a small refrigerator, microwave oven, electric kettle.

Why your office can benefit from a kitchen makeover - Ideas

Install Technology

Draw up a detailed wiring diagram of power grids following the workplace plan, taking into account the specifics of the activities of each employee. Someone needs to have a handset and a telephone network at hand, someone needs several sockets, someone needs a walking distance switch.

LG launches new office-use projectors in S. Korea

Adequate Lighting

When planning an office, be sure to pay attention to adequate lighting. The illumination of the workplace must be sufficient. However, it must be understood that too much light can tire the eyes. Consider creating fast, high-quality dimming for presentations. Currently, this type of presentation of material with visualization has become very popular.

Commercial LED Interior Office Lighting – Progressive Lighting Solutions

Features of Office Space Renovation

The accumulated experience shows that excessive formalization of the production interior in the form of a cluster of strict tables littered with office equipment doesn’t motivate people to perform high-quality work. The best effect in the form of an increase in labor productivity is achieved in a bright office space, decorated with elements of originality, uniqueness, with the possibility of comfortable taking breaks.

Wrapping Up!

By taking into account these tips, it’ll become easy to enhance labor productivity. This won’t only reduce the costs of real estate but also make informed decisions by improving the office work area. After all, office and home renovation in Singapore goes in the right direction and will bring lots of benefits in return.


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