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8 Simple Ways Of Stone Tile Cleaning

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Stone Tile Cleaning: Stone floor tiles are more durable than other materials. They also have extraordinary beauty due to their unique natural patterns. Naturally, stone tiles are unsafe because water can easily enter through the holes in the stone. Due to this special feature, they can be easily stained with dirt and spray. Although stone tiles are extremely durable, you cannot clean them like coarse powder.

Using acidic cleaners such as vinegar is also not recommended, as the acid will damage the polished surfaces of stone tiles. Stone floor tile cleaning takes precautionary measures that you must perform to maintain the natural beauty of the stone tile floor.

Here are some easy ways of tile cleaning:

Stone Tile Cleaning

  1. Remove any spreads immediately to prevent permanent stains on the floor. Use a wet/dry vacuum cleaner or absorbent cloth before spilling like juice or mud, so the stain is difficult to clean.
  2. Sweep or sweep the floor debris with a vacuum cleaner. Remember to use a soft brush when vacuuming to avoid itching on the stone tile floor.
  3. Moisten stone tile floors with warm or warm water at least once a week. You can add mild liquid dish soap to remove sticky spills or heavy dust when necessary. When the water gets dirty, leave it and fill the bucket with fresh water. Always rinse the floor with fresh and warm water after using the floor cleaning solution.
  4. It is wise to dry the towel to prevent lines after damp mopping.
  5. Clean the dirt away from the stone tiles and grind using a soft or used toothbrush. Brush in a mild soap solution before grout cleaning.
  6. To reduce stains on the outside, such as mud shoes and footprints, you can apply the “nine shoes” policy for stone tile floors in the house when the weather outside the floor is not friendly. Rain or mud).
  7. Place a meeting on the door of a room with a stone floor to avoid contamination.
  8. To prevent still, clean and tidy the floor outside the stone floor room. It is also important to prevent dirt from the outside, as most stone tile floors are inherited from the cutlery made on the floor.


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