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8 Safety tips that LGV Driver should take care of!

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Well, keeping drivers safe on the road is not just essential for their health but their safety directly impacts other motorists too. It is a fact that both the transportation and logistics fleets contain some of the highest numbers of injuries and fatalities. Also, it has been seen that the number of road accidents has been increasing year by year.

Therefore, to improve the safety of drivers one should get properly trained in driving the Large Goods vehicles. Else, you can also opt for LGV driver training. By doing this you can reduce the costs associates with accidents, claim payouts, and rises in insurance premiums. The Lorry drivers can also improve their safety by getting trained by professional trainers.

Here you can read the best LGV driver training tips to improve the safety of your fleet.

1: Be extra defensive:

You must have heard that drinking and driving can pose a bigger risk. It has also been found that the rate of fatal crashes is involved in alcohol impairment. Thus, you must ensure that you should never get behind the wheel after drinking.

The term defensive driving is a practice that helps the drivers to minimize the dangers i.e linked to driving. In this type of driving, you anticipate the scenarios that result in an accident like bad weather conditions. When the drivers start practicing defensive driving training techniques then the roads will be safer.  These techniques include:

1: You need to stay calm and avoid road rage when you are in a difficult situation.

2: When you drive on highway roads then it is essential to equip your LGV vehicle with neon reflectors.

Therefore, it is a good idea to put your defensive driving instincts on high alert. When you drive heavy large vehicles just make sure that you don’t drink and take care of your safety as well as of others too.

2: Angle your headlights appropriately:

Sometimes if the beams tilt too much down then it might be possible that you will lose some of the illuminations while driving. Moreover, if the beams tilt too high then they can blind the oncoming drivers. Thus, checking the headlight angle is just before you start driving heavy vehicles. Usually, riding safely on the road can protect you as well as others on the road.

3: Look in the right direction:

While driving it is essential to keep your eyes on the road and in this way you can avoid a fixed gaze and never stare at oncoming headlights.  In order to approach an oncoming vehicle try to avoid being blind and shift your eyes down to the right edge of the road and see the lane markings to stay on track. So, keep staring whenever the oncoming vehicles come in front of you. Try not to distract your attention and keep focusing on driving the vehicle.

4: Stay calm and cool:

The most serious threat to safe driving is Road rage. When the truckers are harassed by other drivers then this can be tempting to indulge in road rage behaviors such as weaving between the lanes. Drivers who allow their anger to control their driving can usually put others at risk for accidents. Thus, drivers should control their anger and maintain safe distances among the other vehicles on the road and ensure safe driving. 

5: Obey Rules:

One should need to follow the rules and remember not to try to break the rule intentionally. The traffic rules have only been designed to cater to the safety interest of the people. Remember Driving under the influence of alcohol is a BIG NO. Apart from this, you don’t need to try to overtake the other vehicles. It happens sometimes that you might be hurried but never forget to disobey the traffic rules as it has been only made for people safety manual.

6: Maintain vehicle in good condition:

In order to maintain the vehicle in good condition try to follow these steps:

1: It is true that maintaining your vehicle in good condition is a precursor to road safety.

2: You must ensure that your vehicle’s tyre pressure is correct and you need to replace the old tyres in order to prevent skidding.

3: Try to replace the brake fluid regularly.

4: It is important to check the coolant levels in your vehicle so that you can prevent overheating of the engine.

7: Avoid distractions:

Being on a phone while driving a vehicle is a punishable crime so if you get an emergency call on your phone then you need to get a side of the road and first complete your conversation. Some of the other distractions like loud music can become a cause in interrupting your safe journey. Thus, you need to completely avoid the distractions which become the reasons for putting driving at risk.

8: Don’t forget to carry your documents:

When you are on the road, you must need to ensure that you carry your licence, your vehicle registration certificate, etc. While having all the documents in one place provides you more confidence on the road and a sense of being in control. Moreover, it also avoids unnecessary panic and causes fewer accidents risk.

Some more additional tips that LGV Drivers should take care of:

1: Try not to drive when you are in an angry mood as this might end up driving rashly.

2: If you have to drive for the whole night then don’t eat much food as you might feel sleepy.

3:  Before you start driving you to need to ensure if the brakes are working properly.

4: Ride within the limit of your four-wheeler.

5: Try to maintain a safe distance from other vehicles on the road.

6: Always, aware of the things around your surroundings.

7: You need to avoid weaving in and out of traffic.

8: Avoid doing overtaking on pedestrian crossings.

9: Give way to the pedestrians if they were crossing. 10: Avoid drinking while driving.

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