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8 Most Famous iOS App Development Tools in 2023

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iOS app are one of the most popular technologies to give advantageous positions to businesses. Do you know ‘why?’ 

Firstly, because Apple Store is one of the top record holders in revenue generation, and secondly, it is the second latest one on the mobile app OS list, preferred by most people. Such reasons are enough for any business to switch to the iOS side to get a high jump in their business revenue. There are over 1.5 billion active Apple users present worldwide which makes it more beneficial for businesses of all sizes to go for iOS development. 

Whether you are a rookie in the iOS app development field or already have many creations, you need to be careful while choosing the development tools. So, the question is ‘Which technology is best for iOS app development?’ This confusion is common as the market is flooded with lots of options for making an application. 

That’s why we are here to give you some famous iOS app development tool options to work with. There are so many choices for the latest trends and tools for development, design, testing, and deploying the app results. Hence, here is a comprehensive list of different tools for different phases of the app development process. 

S, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive in to know the options!

Most Famous iOS App Development Tools 

Here is our list of some of the best iOS app development tools in 2023 to help you start your digital business journey. 


One of the best choices for iOS application developers is Xcode to develop apps for various iOS devices. The platform is basically an Apple IDE (Integrated Development Environment) to develop Apple software. It includes its own text editor, build system, and compiler.  

One can easily develop swift apps using Xcode. You can simply say it is the official method of Apple to develop iOS applications. If you want to develop a high-quality app in lesser time, then Xcode is a go-to option. 

Some potential features of Xcode

  • You can use default debugging and profiling tools to get error-free results.
  • You can get support from many programming languages like Swift, C++, Objective-C, etc. 
  • You can easily do localization of apps with default multi-language support.
  • You can effectively create a gaming or social media or any sort of graphical app with default templates.
  • You can use its built-in Simulator to build, install, and run iOS apps. 


If you are looking for a famous reactive programming library to create iOS applications, RxSwift is a good option. It offers you a large number of libraries to easily create dynamic iOS software. 

Such dynamic applications can easily respond to any data or event change. This response is so quick and seamless which makes it a good choice for Apple developers. 

Some potential features of RxSwift

  • You can get support for synchronous and asynchronous code.
  • It is well-compatible with the MVVM template.
  • You can filter, transform, and combine data streams with its powerful operators. 
  • It lets you easily handle user events with simple-to-use APIs.
  • You can get support from a huge community and detailed documentation. 


JetBrains created a smart and efficient tool for iOS and macOS development named as AppCode. You can get the support of many languages like Swift, Javascript, C, C++, etc. in this integrated development environment. 

You can remove the need for further code typing. And the most interesting part is, it regularly highlights the code errors with intelligent code assistance. 

Some potential features of AppCode

  • You can easily debug the app with its default tools and integrations.
  • The code analysis part of this platform is worth trying.
  • The navigation and search part is nicely built-in AppCode.
  • Its default debugger and unit testing framework are unique functionalities.
  • You can even generate a wireframe of your prototype. 


Another iOS app development tool for integrating outside libraries is CocoaPods which is a new edition to the development family. It is a dependency manager for Cocoa projects, mainly consisting of iOS, macOS, watchOS, etc. 

A file named Podfile consists of all the information of libraries that your application needs. This works as an assisting tool for CocoaPods. The code-sharing process is so time-saving which makes it a good part of the iOS app development toolkit. 

Some potential features of CocoaPods

  • You can even use the code from any third party for your project.
  • One of the best features of CocoaPods is the elimination of conflicts related to library dependencies. 
  • You can create separate ‘pods’ for each and every app or project.
  • It also offers you dynamic screen launch arguments. 
  • You need to define Podfile only once, and the platform updates it quickly every time. 


The next option on the list of famous iOS app development tools is AlamoFire which is basically a library used to create iOS apps. It is one of the best alternatives to Apple’s networking stack. This HTTP-based library offers you authentication services, network enhancements, serialization, etc. 

As far as security is concerned in the race between Android vs iOS apps, the latter is on the winning side. So, this tool is an actual dedication to maintain such talk about Apple devices. It is an open-source platform that offers simple HTTP requests and quickly handles all the responses. If you want to develop your Apple apps in Swift, then AlamoFire is a good option to try. 

Some potential features of AlamoFire

  • It offers you a good level of authentication services.
  • You can easily upload and download progress closures.
  • It lets you adapt, and retry requests dynamically.
  • The platform provides you with unit and integration test coverage. 
  • You can handle authentication and headers with its built-in support. 


As there are millions of apps available on the Apple store, everyone needs to track where their app is. And our next tool on the list is Applyzer which makes it possible to know. 

Being an editor, you can search the content of the app for your desired keywords. You just need to create an account for Apple ID to monitor the downloads of your application in the iTunes store. Although it is not an iOS development tool but a good utility tool that aids in enhancing the overall development process. 

Some potential features of Applyzer

  • You can get insights on an hourly basis to check the progress.
  • You can also check competitors’ data to fetch the ranking keywords. 
  • It allows you to get an email and stack alerts. 
  • You can get global search results for Apple, Google Play, macOS, etc. 
  • You can get support for over 100 languages. 


The Simulator is our next choice on the list to make your iOS app development easier. You can easily test your iOS, Apple Watch, and Apple TV applications very quickly using this tool. 

Being a developer, you can easily design, test, and validate complex software. You can create highly realistic models for your software project. And then use such models to test different scenarios. If you want quick app feedback during the development process, Simulator is a nice option to try.

Some potential features of the Simulator

  • You can easily create virtual prototypes of your system for testing and validation tasks.
  • During testing, you can monitor the impact of changes on your system. 
  • It lets you have touch and keyboard support for different iOS devices.
  • You can easily change the graphics of a mobile app after testing. 
  • You can effectively streamline your collaborations. 


The last iOS app development tool on the list is Design+Code which is used to streamline the making process of iOS applications. This tool offers so many easy-to-use options like a drag-and-drop interface and a pre-built app template for quick and efficient work. 

The platform also provides some video tutorials to give an in-depth understanding of the whole development process. This way developers can easily learn faster and create faster. 

Some potential features of Design+Code

  • In-depth video materials showing videos on Xcode, Sketch, Framer, etc.
  • You can get to use a vast variety of themes for developing iOS apps.
  • You can bookmark the desired information and then use it later whenever you want.
  • It has built-in support for platforms like Swift, Objective-C, etc.
  • One of its unique functions is a live preview feature to check the live changes on your device.  

Finally, keeping up with the latest iOS tools is the key!

iOS app development continuously evolves with mind-blowing trends to keep your business at heights. AI to cloud-based mobile applications to great security features, so many trends are coming in the way of iOS applications. 

As you very well know the craze of iOS among people worldwide, having a good app can keep you ahead of your competitors. So, now you have all the options for creating a mind-blowing and cutting-edge iOS application. 

You can consider the options as per your project’s requirements and expertise. Don’t forget to check all the important features given with every development tool. This will help you to choose the best iOS app tools from the list and crack the development process!


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