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8 Major Steps to Start a Real Estate Business in India

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A recently published report has declared a fact that over the last 40 years, most of the people who declared over one million dollars on their tax returns, 70% were involved in the real estate business.

It shows that there is something different in real estate. Think seriously about why these people are investing in real estate. The message is obvious, and that is a huge potential to earn great revenue.

If you link these matters to the above facts, the actual question comes is: have you ever considered your own real estate business in India? Today, the real estate industry is booming far better than any other sector. But have you ever thought about why the real estate business is growing? 

The primary reason behind the growth is real estate application development through expert app developers. They have designed real estate software as per the exact customer’s demand. They build the perfect software required from real estate builders.

Now the question arises: how to start?

Plan your property business goal

Before jumping into the arena of the real estate business, take time to evaluate your plan and implement them. Thinking through every aspect and a brainstorming session will help you understand the real estate market more deeply. 

The research will give you a proper idea about how to start your real estate business? You must have solid planning for your future strategy where you will land in the next coming years.

This goal-setting idea will make you help concretely plan your real estate business. Your vision will guide your conscious mind to make a better business strategy. 

As you know, real estate is a most growing business in recent years, here app Development companies may be a great help for you. So why not hire a real estate developer from India Which is a renowned name in-app and website development for real estate.

Market Research

Before starting your real estate business, it is necessary to research thoroughly everything which may affect this business. Please think that how do you know that your idea will work in the market? How do you know you have selected the right niche that has a target customer? How do you point out to position your real estate business within this niche?

These are the few research questions that must have solid answers in your mind. The real estate market is lucrative, but some challenges have solutions in your control. In the initial research phase, it must answer these questions. If you have a plan to solve these issues, your real estate must flourish in the future.

Strengthen your finances

  • You must organize your finance to tackle any finances.
  • There are various ideas to get involved in real estate with no money issues.
  • Your client must be assured about your sound finances, otherwise, they will not believe in your project.

 Their good financial history will attract more clients and customers. A solid financial backup will draw a person towards you and your real estate business. Before filing documents anything anywhere, financial status matters a lot. Anyone can demand your financial status to pass any enormous project. It is essential to look before it ever approached you with such interrogations.

Marketing plan

Marketing of any business is a very crucial thing to convey your business message to more and more people. Here your marketing works. Implement your planned marketing idea into reality through various digital and offline mediums to get instant results. Apply these marketing weapons in your real estate marketing strategies.

Email marketing

Email marketing campaigns are very popular today to run any business. This is the most authentic and renowned way to get potential leads, and it is a very cost-effective method to get the right customers. Various email marketing service provider companies like “Mail chimp” are working online, which may be hired.

Most top-class companies have added this weapon to their basket. DLF, Godrej Properties, “Sobha developers” are some renowned names among real estate companies, and email campaigning is the major digital technique. Apply this in your real estate business in this initial phase of your property business.

Social media

People are the most active today on different social media platforms and they like the content available published in these places. Facebook, Instagram are major top-class sites you may try in your business campaign.

Social media marketing is another popular digital technique for real estate businesses in India. This is a great marketing tool for beginners because it is free of cost to spread the word about your business.


Networking is another tool to get target customers because people are investing in the real estate business to get higher returns. This business thrives on networking; many times it works better than another strategy. Hire experienced people working in the real estate industry who have an impressive network. Once you create connections, you can even start organizing networking opportunities yourself for a quick response.


An excellent website plays a vital role in the property business. Build a stunning website with all essential features from a good real estate app and Web developer.


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