8 Flowers Perfect to Give Your Lover !!

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Lovers have used traditional flowers to express their love for their mates for millennia. In fact, throughout the Victorian era, lovers would converse solely through flowers. It became customary to express deep emotions to the person you love with flowers over time. When everyone worldwide began to celebrate Valentine’s Day with zeal, this wonderful practice became even more well-known. Every year on Valentine’s Day since then, individuals have continued to online flower delivery in Chandigarh to their loved ones as a mark of their affection. And, because each flower has its meaning, some flowers are specifically designed to commemorate the love of your life.

Flowers for a Proposal are the best way to say “I love you” to your partner.

So, if you’ve had your heart set on them for a long time, now’s the moment to ask, “Will You Be Mine, Forever?” with these proposal flowers:

1. Carnations, for starters

With a bouquet of red carnations, you can say “I love you” to the person you care about. Red carnations represent love, fascination, and admiration. Before you repeatedly propose to the person you love, make sure you get a bunch of red carnations. Carnations are also regarded as the first wedding anniversary flowers, so keep that in mind if you’re celebrating your first wedding anniversary with your partner.

2. Gerbera Daisies

The Gerbera Daisy is another ‘I Love You’ flower that might start your love storey on a romantic note. Gerbera daisies are the world’s fifth most popular flower, representing happiness and innocence. So, send a stunning bouquet of gerbera daisies through same day roses delivery to the person you care about.

3. Roses

Passionate Roses are the most familiar blossoms in the world, which is the epitome of true love. The gorgeous rose blooms are available in a profusion of colours. However, an arrangement of red rose flowers is appropriate to say those three magical words-‘ I love you to the love of your life. Do you have any idea how many flowers are perfect for a proposal? A dozen red flowers represent undying love.

4. Lilies

Does the beauty of her smile smite you? Why not express your love for her with a bouquet of gorgeous lilies on this upcoming special day? If you’re in love with someone, these lovely flowers are one of the greatest flowers to express your feelings. The lily is the 30th-anniversary flower, and it represents a deep tie between you and your lover. So, if you’re genuinely in love with someone, weave your love tale with these lovely and exotic blooms.

5. Tulips

If you’re looking for an attractive proposal flower arrangement to win someone’s heart, Tulips are a great choice. Tulips come in a range of colours, but red tulips are associated with ‘perfect love.’ Giving red tulips to someone indicates proclaiming your love for them in Victorian floral jargon. This is the ideal anniversary day gift for your significant other.

6. Sunflower

Sunflowers make an excellent flower bouquet for a proposal, although few people are aware of this. Yes, a bouquet of colourful sunflowers is a great way to brighten up your love life. Say it with a wreath of small sunflowers if you’re wondering how to tell your lover that their presence makes your life better.

7. Chrysanthemum 

Chrysanthemums are known as the flowers of friendship in Victorian flower language. After Rose, Chrysanthemum is the most popular flower on the planet. Send a bouquet of red chrysanthemums, which signify pure love, to someone you like on any special day if you want to profess your affections for them.

8. Iris

The lovely Blue Iris is a symbol of faith and hope. Blue Iris has various meanings, but when given as a gift, it symbolises profound feelings. Do you know that the Iris root is thought to have magical properties, similar to the ability to attract a new lover? As a result, a bouquet of lovely Blue Iris is the ideal floral arrangement for expressing your deepest feelings to your lover.

So, if you’re out of new proposal ideas, express yourself to your partner in floral language. And the answer will always be a resounding ‘Yes.’

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