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8 Best Ways to Make Your Home Safer

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The safest haven in this world is a home. And it should be safe in every literal sense possible. A home is where the family is. More precious than any other thing. Then comes the belongings, furniture, and other valuable items. So even if you have to hire the best locksmiths in San Angelo TX, do it. As long as it makes your home safe to live in!

However, if you inquire homeowners about their home’s safety, they usually have no clue on what home security is. People generally think that locking the windows and the doors is enough to make a space feel safe. But, in reality, it isn’t. Intruders and burglars can still get in.

But these days, the traditional approaches such as a simple lock and key are not sufficient to provide complete security to a home. But, the use of advanced measures such as surveillance systems, sensor detectors, or smart locks is a new way to enhance security in any home.

Below are the top ways that you can adopt to make your home safe.

1. The general security measures

Against all the odds, most of the burglaries happen right during the bright daylight hours. So, if you think that burglars will come robbing during the hush-hush night hours, you are dead wrong.

Make sure all the basic security measures such as the locks and windows are properly shut during the daytime. For a rough idea, most robberies happen between 8 AM to 3 PM.

2. Check all the hardware locks

What is the point of locking your doors with the big fat locks when the door itself is in a compromised state?

A burglar knows how to slam the door open by applying force and break-in. So, it is important you make sure that all doors and windows are properly held in place. Get any necessary repairs and replacements done by a professional locksmith if need be.

3. Make sure your windows are locked

We just mentioned above how as a homeowner you must check the hardware structure and the strength of all the doors and windows. However, here we will emphasize that you need to be extra careful about your window locks. They shouldn’t be rusty or crippling. Otherwise, anyone can easily remove the lock and slide in.

4. Keep all the valuable items well-hidden

This must go without saying. Do not keep your valuable items out in the open. Design hidden places in your closets that are well-camouflaged and place all your jewellery or cash inside it. Even in your garage, your bike or extra car, etc should be protected by auto-locks.

All in all, your valuable items should not be accessible or visible to anyone, in fact, even the visitors. One can never gauge the intentions of passers-by.

5. Install a proper security system

Try investing in a proper surveillance system for your home. Or, if you have the equipment, design one for yourself. These days the options for security and surveillance systems are endless. Browse through the online stores or visit in person, and then select the one best suited for your home and budget.

However, pros say that you must select a surveillance system that is comfortable for you and fulfils all the requirements according to the size of your home.

6. Pay attention to garage security

The garage is an important space in every home. Thieves and burglars always have an eye on the garage of a house. It is important that you pay close attention to your garage security both on the interior and the exterior. This tip will go a long way.

People tend to store a lot of their items in their garage since this is one place where most things can easily be stored. So, burglars will always have an eye out on your garage if they are planning a robbery. Make sure it is properly secure.

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7. Invest in outdoor lighting; preferably with sensors

The best investment you can make to your home’s security is by installing outdoor lighting on your landscape. Go for the motion-sensor lights so that the landscape lights up even on the slightest movement outside. You can monitor it from your terrace or bedroom windows.

With sufficient outdoor lighting, even the passers-by would stay alarmed and avoid planning a robbery at your home.

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8. Invest in surveillance systems

One security source you can blindly trust at all times is your security cameras. So make sure you install one at all vulnerable corners of your home from where you can have a better view of all entry points of your home. You can even link it with your mobile phone app and keep an eye out for security at all times from anywhere.


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