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8 Best Places To Display Digital Signage In Hospitals

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Just like any other industry, even the healthcare sector requires effective communication for its smooth operations and functioning. Soon enough the sector discovered the significance of Digital signage and how it has proven to be an amazing tool for tremendously improving the overall running of the hospital. 

Being a critical place, the hospital staff is mostly under constant pressure and works relentlessly to treat patients which further increases the need of having a tool like digital signage in the hospital. 

Apart from this, healthcare digital signage also helps hospitals for marketing purposes, spreading information, and keeping the visitors distracted as well. Want to know how? 

Keep reading this blog till the end as you will get to know more about hospital digital signage and where to place it in hospitals for maximum benefits. 

Let’s get started! 

Patients Ward

For any hospital, it is extremely mandatory to boost the morale of the patients and to keep them engaged and distracted. This is possible with the help of digital signage. You can display some kind of entertainment, spiritual videos, or low-impact exercises for the patients to feel energetic. 

You can also display details like the weather forecast, news, etc. to keep them aware of the happenings outside and to stay updated. 

Waiting Room

A waiting room is a place where visitors and patients are most anxious since they are in queue to meet the doctor. Displaying digital signage in the waiting room can calm down the patients. 

You can display a light movie to digress the visitors from the stress. 

social wall on digital signage

You can also display a social wall on digital signage. A social wall is a collection of live or aggregated social media content from various platforms. All the content is displayed together in a unified form. 

A social wall works amazingly well to build a social proof of your hospital. By encouraging your visitors to post content on their social media handles, you can further collect the content and use it and display it in the form of a social wall. 

Displaying a social wall would calm down the visitors more as they would be more confident about the hospital and its doctors after reading the experiences of other visitors and patients. 

Hospital Lobby

It can be quite a frustrating experience for any visitor who is unable to find their way in a hospital they are unfamiliar with. To avoid this, displaying a digital map on digital signage is the perfect solution. 

The hospital lobby is the place where it can be displayed to guide the visitors about where to go next. The best part about digital maps is that the directions can be easily modified or changed if at all there is some change in the doctor’s room, emergency ward, or any place. 


If a visitor feels like grabbing a quick bite in between, then they head to the cafeteria of the hospital. Instead of displaying the cafeteria menu on a paper board or by distributing menu cards, you can go digital and display the menu on digital signage instead. 

digital signage in cafeteria

Furthermore, you can also add the nutritional value of the food on the digital signage. If you have any promotional deal or a meal combo, you might want to display that as well for pushing visitors to purchase more. 

Reception Area

The reception area is the first place where the visitors reach when they enter the hospital premises. Hence, it is important to leave a positive first impression on them. 

This can be done by displaying the medical records of the brilliant doctors and your hospital staff. You can also reveal the success stories of your hospital on digital signage. Doing so would ensure the visitors that they have indeed chosen the correct hospital for the treatment. As it would instill more faith and confidence within them.

Emergency Ward

The emergency ward is the most critical place of a hospital. Being a place where the staff and doctors are under a lot of pressure. Digital signage would ensure the smooth operation of the patient. 

Displaying a list of important equipment including specific syringes, operation tools, etc. would make everyone well prepped before the operation. 

Staff Cabin

Quite similar to any other organization. Even the hospital workers including nurses. And ward staff need to be updated if there is a change in policies. A shift in their work timings, upcoming training, etc. 

digital signage in staff cabin

Displaying this on digital signage and placing it in the staff cabin would keep them updated on everything happening. 

To further boost the morale of the employees. You can also display personalized messages on birthdays, anniversaries, and work anniversaries. And the employee of the month to give recognition to all the staff members. 

Hospital Pharmacy 

Every hospital has an in-house pharmacy within the hospital premises. It enables the visitors to purchase the medicines instantly after they visit the doctor. 

Digital signage displaying the latest news about the hospital can be placed in the pharmacy. You can give them updates about upcoming wellness sessions. Health tips, and other details while the visitors wait for their turn. 

Closing Note 

Digital signage is a brilliant tool for enabling the smooth functioning of a place including hospitals. If you are looking for ways to increase your hospital revenues. And for engaging your visitors more, then all you need is digital signage. 

Since you are now aware of the places where you need to include digital signage for best results. Include one right away! 


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