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7 Website Logo Fails and How to Avoid Them?

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A Website to a business is like a gallery that showcases all your achievements under a single page. It should sound interesting so it can do justice to your brand’s personality.  But many businesses often find themselves in big trouble when they make mistakes in a critical domain which is logo designing. These failures brutally dent the reputation of these businesses which ultimately affects their sales and conversions. 

Imagine, you’re visiting your favorite brand’s website and you notice that the logo is slightly misaligned and blurred. You would feel awkward for a moment and wonder why is that so? Well, it would definitely change your conception of the brand. This is why as a designer or a brand caretaker you should avoid making these mistakes that can be a nuisance sometimes. 

7 Website Logo Fails:

  1. Logo Size

Often the logo sizes are too small or too big. If you are having a small logo on your page, people won’t see and feel the essence of your logo. Similarly, if the size of the logo is too big, then it would occupy more space on your page and won’t have a good impact. 

  1. Dull Theme

A dull theme would not serve the purpose of your brand effectively. Rather it would lose its identity with time. Your viewers won’t get attracted to your logos if it’s not appealing enough to them. In order to avoid this, try to use vibrant color themes as they do leave an instant impact at a glance. 

  1. Blurry Images

Blurry images are not acceptable when you are carving logos for your brand. It would totally destroy your purpose and would leave a bad impression at first sight. Designers can avoid this by choosing high-quality images from the internet and testing the quality on all the systems. 

  1. Logo is not Scalable

Scalability in terms of logo design tells if the design is consistent with all the platforms and pages. Remember that if your logo is not scalable then it’s of no use for the client. To avoid this, test the logo at all levels to ensure it fits accurately on all platforms. 

  1. Too Complex

For a layman, it’s hard to interpret complex that too in the case of a logo design. Your design should be clean and understandable to all the audiences as it will help you to create a strong impression. That’s why it’s always recommended that businesses should play it safe when it comes to deciding on logos for their brand. 

  1. Poor Font Style

Using random and casual fonts would raise objections to the credibility of your brand. That’s why most of the big enterprises use a consistent set of fonts for their advertising and campaigns to carry a legacy that defines their values and traditions. 

  1. Copy/Plagiarized Content

A common yet amateur mistake most designers do! 

It is really unethical to forge or plagiarize another brand’s design into your work. Once your audience figures out that your work is not authentic, they will cut ties with your brand and this will devalue your reputation in the market. 

It is recommended to use your own style in creating a solid logo for your brand, which can become your sole identity in the future. 

Well, putting up a logo on your website seems to be an easy task that anyone could do. But that’s not the case!

You have to reticulate your mind in testing and reviewing your logo design from 360 degrees. It’s all about finding the perfect combination that suits your business well. Although the process can be tiring sometimes, rushing on things won’t benefit you much. 

A top-notch logo design company  would always take care of all the design aspects so they don’t leave room for any kind of discrepancies. Meanwhile, as a brand marketer, you should also review your logo and artworks to see if it’s going with the identity of your brand or not. After a thorough review from both parties, you should make plans for unveiling your design which would create a stir in the market. 

But if you are confused in shaping a plan for your logos then we recommend you to team up with Infini Logo Design. They are a team of designers who know how to produce a stunning logo design that can resonate with the theme of your business.


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