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7 Ways Technology Can Help You Live Strong

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Technology has a great impact on human lives. No field of life works without the blessings of the latest technological innovations. In the current situation of COVID-19, people feel restricted. They hesitate to go out due to fear of getting affected.

As a result, the health of people has been badly affected. Gyms and boot camps are closed. Parks have been locked to stop this disease from spreading. Maintaining good physical and mental health is no less than a challenge in the current scenario.

Thanks to technology! It can help you live stronger. You can manage to stay fit even if you don’t have a personal trainer. Technology can help you achieve health targets in many productive ways.

Explore a few true and tried strategies through which you can live a healthful life while being connected to technology.

1. Fitness Gadgets

Many renowned technology brands create products that help maintain good health. Products from Garmin, Fitbits, Apple, Samsung, and other manufacturers facilitate your lifestyle by producing useful fitness gadgets.

You can keep track of your diet, exercise, and calories by using these gadgets. If you visit a gym, you can see wonderful machines that help you stay fit through exercise. In the healthcare sector, gadgets such as pulse oximeters, sphygmomanometers, and other similar devices help you monitor oxygen levels and blood pressure.

There are plenty of fitness gadgets that you can get to serve your purpose. Every person is likely to have different health goals due to distinct health conditions. You shouldn’t have any problem finding the perfect gadget to alleviate a specific disease.

Commonly used fitness devices are wearable gadgets that keep track of heart rate, steps taken, calories burnt. You can use these tools to help you get in shape. A large number of people living in the United States use fitness gadgets to get rid of obesity and other similar health issues.

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2. Health Apps

The arrival of mobile applications has brought about a wonderful revolution in the health industry. There are hundreds and thousands of apps that you can download on a smartphone to stay perfectly healthy.

You can use these applications to stay in form and live strong for the rest of your life. Some of the key health apps include the following:

a) Fooducate

If you want to develop good eating habits, then Fooducate can help you in the right way. Available for free on both Android and Ios, the application helps you learn complete details of edibles that you often buy from a grocery store.

Fooducate offers impressive results when it comes to losing weight and eating healthy food. Keep track of all your workouts, calories, and more. You can get the best food recommendations based on ingredients and nutrients. 

b) HealthTap

We all search on the internet whenever we observe a health symptom. Unfortunately, you are not supposed to get 100% satisfactory results from the Search Engine. 

HealthTap is an app that helps you find true medical conditions. It sends your health query to a network of over 105,000 doctors. The answers are not instant. However, you can expect a better accuracy of results. 

Those who don’t want to wait can seek help from the information on common health problems. If you want to get expert health advice, subscribe to the HealthTap Premium service by paying $99 per month. Premium users can get connected with doctors through video calls and discuss their health problems.

c) MedAdvisor

Stress has become a norm nowadays. Finding a person who feels peaceful is a hard job. MedAdvisor is an IOS app that makes you feel stress-free through true and tried breathing exercises. 

It doesn’t just kill the anxiety but goes an extra mile to eradicate negative thinking through useful brain exercises. You get expert assistance to change your thinking patterns. MedAdvisor is based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy methods to save you from depression, anxiety, and stress.

Likewise, there are many other useful health apps available for Android and IOS platforms. You can download and get benefits from them as per your health requirements.

3. Telehealth

In the current situation of the pandemic, people are reluctant to go out and consult their physicians. They stay at home to avoid the potential dangers of COVID-19.

Scheduling appointments with your doctor is now simpler than ever. You don’t even need to leave home. Book online appointments to get your health issues sorted remotely. 

A doctor will run a virtual examination of your condition and recommend medications through a phone call or video calling service. This is just like a personal visit to a clinic. However, it doesn’t require you to bear the pain when you are not in a condition to be among other patients in the hospital. 

Maintain social distancing to avoid the danger of germs. A lot of renowned medicine companies and health insurance providers offer telehealth services. You can take advantage of this to stay healthful in these trying times.

4. Coping with Heart Disease

Coronary Artery Disease has become the most prevalent heart issue in the United States. There could be several reasons responsible for increased heart problems. However, obesity is the main culprit. Poor eating habits lead to heart diseases. 

Coping with heart disease is not possible without making lifestyle changes. You can control your eating habits and follow a prescribed dietary plan and exercise routine. Monitor your heart activity through heart rate monitors and relevant apps that you can download on a smartphone.

There are high-tech devices available that can help analyze cardiovascular irregularities. Technology has blessed us with so many useful devices and machines that help diagnose heart diseases. Meeting health goals is impossible without using the latest medical technology.

You can use apps and devices to regulate heart rate and activity. Keep track of your blood pressure using a sphygmomanometer so that you can avoid the danger of hypertension. You can also get wearable heart monitors to keep your heart in perfect condition.

5. Better Food Choices

Ordering healthier food online was not possible a decade ago. People used to go to restaurants, roadside cafes, and bakeries to buy delicious foodstuff.

Keeping in mind the current pandemic circumstances, restaurants have started delivering food to doorsteps. Now you can order your favourite pizza, burger, salad, and any other edible in just a few taps.

Simply download your preferred food app, explore the range of food, and order your favourite dish. Your order should be delivered to the doorstep. Furthermore, you can enjoy massive discounts using seasonal promotional codes. 

Some of the most prominent food delivery applications include GrubHub, Seamless, DoorDash, GoPuff, and Uber Eats. Aside from these, a few restaurants have launched their official apps that you can use to order food online. Eating healthy food has become easy nowadays due to manifold great options.

6. Boosting Psychological Wellbeing

Health experts consider it vital to stay connected with your loved ones to enjoy the best mental wellbeing. A person starts feeling lonely when he is away from his friends and family. This loneliness can cause a lot of psychological and physical health issues. 

Thanks to the blessings of technology! There are manifold ways through which you can get in touch with your beloved people.

Technology has played a critical role in keeping human beings connected regardless of their location and territorial restrictions. Video apps such as Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, and Google Hangouts help you talk to your loved ones while seeing them in real-time. 

It feels as if you are just meeting with them in the same room. A lot of wonderful customization options make conversations more interesting. You can use emojis and other fun attributes to add excitement.

In short, staying connected to your loved ones keeps you in a better state of mind. You don’t feel distant anymore and talk to your relatives anywhere, anytime. 

7. Mental Health Screening Tests

Google has joined hands with NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) to provide you with a screening questionnaire to help figure out mental illness. This test has been prepared for those who search “Depression” on Google. 

You can take a self-assessment test to see if you are depressed or have similar symptoms. There are many other similar screening tests available on the internet. You can take them to diagnose your state of mind or other types of diseases. 

People who remain under stress because of unawareness can finally take assistance from helpful resources and platforms available online. Once you get the right assistance, you are in a better position to handle your stress. Eventually, you will be able to live strong by getting rid of hopelessness and anxiety.


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