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7 Timeless Prints To Stock Up Your Wardrobe With

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What does your wardrobe look like? The clothes you choose to wear determine your personality, so why not add some spice this time and think of something different to add? In this article, you’ll come across a few styling suggestions which will help you look stylish all year round! These clothing trends will spice up your wardrobe and can be worn at any time of the year. These woman wardrobe essentials include print mix tops, timeless prints, camouflage, stripes, and many such funky clothes. There are common misconceptions about these stylish-looking clothes that they steer away with time. It is not like that, neither are they too hard on other garments. Just the right piece of combination will help you improve your style sense. These stylish pieces are as follows

Polka dots

A classic cloth design that has been popular since the 1930s among various Hollywood stars. Classic polka dot-designed clothes will have are white dots on a black cloth. But as the fashion industry has progressed, this pattern can be found in various contrasting color combinations. These white dots make a great print not only for one-piece dresses, but for hats, skirts, and all the clothing accessories. You also get to choose from smaller and bigger dots depending on your personal style.


Camouflage prints in fashion used to be rare as it looks bold, but now it is spotted everywhere easily. Women prefer keeping it in their wardrobe and love combining it with blacks and brown bottoms. If you are planning to put it in your wardrobe then you will be able to buy it in bright colors like orange, neon, soft pink, and many more. The camouflage has evolved over the years and gained popularity sufficiently.


Do not fail to give priority to strips whether you buy a wholesale women’s shirt, wholesale women’s blouse, or any clothing accessories. Stripes are most versatile to fit all the clothes. If you buy a top or a bottom with stripes you need not worry whether it would go with your wardrobe essentials or not. The stripes offer a variety of colors to choose from and come in different patterns like thick, thin, horizontal, and vertical. You can pair it up with solid colors to appear gorgeous.

Animal prints

Animal prints have also been in a trend these days. The prints like leopard women’s clothing, cheetah, zebra, or tiger complement your handy accessories, makes you look different, and give a bold look.

The Power Suit

The power suit is a timeless fashion clothing piece that transforms the person’s personality and makes him/her feel confident. Power suits are especially helpful for interviews. The suits help form a good first impression and also meet the standards of corporate decorum.  For women, the fashion pieces could be skirts like a high-waisted pencil skirt, a traditional pantsuit, and a blouse with a jacket. This combination of neat and smart clothes creates a positive impact on the interviewer. You get several suit options to choose from. Choose the blouse or women’s sweater that goes with the clothes you already have.

The little black dress

‘People who love black clothes have colorful minds’ if you love wearing dresses, a little black dress is a must-have in your wardrobe. You can style it with minimal jewelry and this look would be perfect for almost all occasions. The trend of black never goes out of style and does not fail to make a perfect outfit. Even the simplest ones give an iconic look with matching bottoms and footwear like heels, shoes, and jewelry like earrings. This combination makes a woman feels stunning and gorgeous from the outside,


Blazer is suitable enough for formal and informal events. You can combine it with jeans and formal pants and appear beautiful at your level best. Blazers are super flattering for any figure. Blazers are a must-have set of garments to wear at offices, client meetings, weddings, corporate events, and seminars. You have a choice between long and short blazers. Long blazers can shorten your legs and short blazers are not as flattering as hip-style length.

This is how you can give a classy look to your wardrobe by adding these timeless prints. These clothes are stylish and can be worn at any time of the year. 


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