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7 Steps to Preparing for a New Roof Installation

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Installing a new roof for the needy is a major home improvement project. Replacing your entire roof will not only solve major problems such as leaks, cracks, and energy efficiency but will also extend the life of your home by increasing the value of your home.

This is especially true if you are upgrading to the highest quality construction than your existing roof. Today’s roofing products are more advanced than ever and the components are designed for durability and safety.

If you are thinking of replacing the roof, take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the project and what it involves can mean the difference between chaotic renovation and successful, hassle-free. Follow this guide from our track contracting experts to learn how to prepare for a new roof installation and start planning your next repair now.

Cover items in your attic

The most important thing to protect your belongings from damage is to keep anything in your closet. This will help protect your roof from dust and dirt that can be damaged by replacement roofs.

Take the vehicle away from home

Your car is your most important investment and breaking down a roof installation can cause serious damage to a car under the roof. Be sure to keep vehicles away from construction sites to keep them safe.

Plan loud noises that are sensitive to pets and children

As soon as you show your roofing company you will soon realize how noisy the process can be. Arrange for children and pets that are sensitive to loud noises to keep them safe and sound.

Remove the satellite dish or other ceiling antenna

Remove any satellite dishes, antennas, or other devices attached to your roof to ensure that your roof is ready for quick and easy installation.
Tell your neighbors so they can plan

As a courtesy, it’s always a good idea to tell your neighbors about any future construction. This will allow them to plan ahead for any additional noise or to move any car forward in the construction area.

Beware of construction equipment/results

Roofing requires a lot of different tools and this process can cause large debris to fall from the roof of your home. Make sure your family is aware of the dangers of these things and be very careful when moving out of the house during rehabilitation.

Manage trees and landscaping for easy cleaning

Cut down trees or shrubs for easy access to your roof to make things easier for your roof inspector or roof contractor. It’s also a good idea to mow the lawn in front of your lawn to make it easier to find falling debris.

Premium Roofing Contractor in Tyler, TX

When it comes to finding an authentic roofing company, make sure the contractors you choose are furnished with the best products and materials and have a high level of training and experience. With over 10+ years of combined experience, our internal investment is in the hands of our specialized roofing contracting workers.

Call Us to talk with our team about our next roofing project to learn more about our services. Or fill out our online form, free for in-house consultations, and get free estimates.


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