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7 of The Best Miniclip Games

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If you have a mobile device, chances are you’ve come across one of these games before on the App Store and Google Play Store. Miniclip Games is a digital games company that specialises in multiplayer games with over 4 billion downloads worldwide. All of their games seem to be free for now with some in-game purchases.

With that said, here are some of the best Miniclip Games for you to try out with your friends and loved ones.

8 Ball Pool

Nothing beats a short game of pool, and 8 Ball Pool guarantees a satisfying experience similar to that in real life. This game currently holds the title of the number one multiplayer pool game online. You get to play with friends or with strangers for a more competitive experience.

Figure out a way to strategise and win against other professional players and create a high-stakes experience for more adrenaline. You can either play a short game or invest more time in longer games and more matches.

Carrom Pool

Similar to that of 8 Ball Pool, this time we have Carrom Pool. You get to go up against your friends or random players from all over the world. The game’s UI and physics are satisfyingly smooth so you won’t find yourself getting irritated anytime soon either.

And plus, rather than getting sore fingers in real life, you can slide your fingers across a screen and play from anywhere. A pocket-sized carrom board awaits you when you download this gem into your phone.

Subway Surfers

Endless runners will always hold a special place in the hearts of millennials and Gen Z. It’s the first popularised game genre on mobile phones that really jumpstarted mobile gaming into a community and culture. Subway Surfers was one of the originals from Miniclip Games.

The whole idea with Subway Surfers is to get away from a grumpy inspector and a dog chasing you from behind. You can play as one of four characters as you continue running, dodging and dashing across a train track.

Mini Basketball

An easier and addicting experience, Mini Basketball is for those who want to shoot hoops in their spare time. The game is easily navigable and fun to play for all ages. It’s a casual game, but you can still feel the adrenaline rush as you score and the crowd goes wild.

You can build your own team as you go up against AI teams in leagues and high-level competitions. Naturally, the difficulty increases as you go higher which adds a challenge to an otherwise repetitive game.

Mini Football

Again, similar to that of Mini Basketball, this time you get to form your very own football team and play in the big leagues. Experience the roaring crowds and expansive stadiums in this simple yet challenging game of football.

Arguably, the best part is being able to whip out your phone and play the game with just a tap of your finger. You even get to play with your friends and decide once and for all who is the best football player and strategist amongst yourselves. Miniclip Games are here to sort it out once and for all!

Sniper Strike

Too tired of the conventional games and would like something more aggressive and combative? Well, Sniper Strike is a great choice for you. This mobile game allows you to experience being a sniper in battle. 

There are various different modes to try out and hundreds of missions for you to complete. This Miniclip Game is sure to fill up your time as a competitive shooter where you need to fight for survival. You can even play this game with your friends as a team fight against your enemies.


Originally a supremely addicting browser game that can evolve into something more intense, Agar.io is now on mobile phones! As you navigate around an arena as a cell with other players, be careful not to get eaten. The whole point is to see how big you can grow and dominate the arena by eating other cells. 

There are a ton of cool skins for you to customise your cell in order to make it more recognisable as well. Overall, the concept of Agar.io is pretty simple, but the gameplay will have you screaming at your little mobile screens in no time.

To Conclude:

There you go! 7 of the best Miniclip Games available for you to explore and play for yourself. You can easily get them on the App Store and Google Play Store depending on your mobile device. And since these games have some form of currency, skins, tokens and more, you might need an iTunes Gift Card from OffGamers here to make your gameplay more exciting.


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