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7 iPhone Features You Need To Know

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As a loyal iPhone user, you will find out that there are many hidden features in your device. Your iPhone comes packed with incredible features and tools that you don’t know about. Many people don’t know they have enough time to learn things on their amazing devices.  So, here’s a little guide on secret iPhone features. Check them out!

Swiping to text:

Many iPhone users don’t know about this feature. If you’re a former Android owner, then you know about swipe texting. But after making the switch to Apple, you will recall it. Swipe texting lets you compose a text, an email, or any document by swiping through entire words, instead of tapping individual characters. For using this feature, you don’t need a third-party keyboard app or anything. Just start using this feature by swiping on your regular keyboard. Slide your finger from character to character to form a word. This feature comes in handy when you’re typing single-handed.

Emphasizing the texting:

Many people think iMessage on the iPhone is similar to regular texting on any other device, but it is actually packed with little surprises that many users don’t know about. Whenever you send a message to someone, if the bubble turns green it means the other person has a different phone and if it turns blue then it means that the recipient is available on iMessage. You can react to a particular text on the iMessage and also you can emphasize it or add effects to your texts.

To use this feature, just simply type a text and hold the blue ‘send button’. By holding this button, you will open up a menu of effects you can put on your messages.

Effects in iMessage:

iMessage has particular words or sayings that will activate the secret effects on the message. If you haven’t found out about this but if you wish your friend a ‘Happy Birthday’ you will be surprised by balloons and streamers floating on your screen.  Here’s a list of iMessage’s sayings and words that will activate the amazing effects:

– Happy New Year – Fireworks

– Happy Birthday – Balloons

– Congrats – Confetti

– Pew Pew – Laser show

Bedtime Feature:

Many people use the regular Alarm feature on their phones. But if you start utilizing the Bedtime feature, you can get a good sleep and wake up fresh in the morning. In this feature, you can customize your bedtime according to your preference and the phone will go on ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode automatically after that time in the night. The phone will remind you of going to bed at the assigned time. This feature will also show how much sleep you are getting every night, depending on your set bedtime. In this part, you can also see your sleep analysis. You can pair this info with the Health App on your iPhone.

Document Scanner:

Have you ever been in a situation where you have to send a copy of a document? Now it’s easy for you if you’re an iPhone user. There’s a built-in scanner on your iPhone.

> Open the “Notes” app

> Go to a new note

> Tap on the Camera button

> Select ‘Scan Documents’ and take a picture of the document.

> Save it by selecting the ‘Keep Document’ option.

Using the Measuring App:

A useful feature of the iPhone which helps you in measuring anything you want to. This feature was introduced in the iOS 12 update. If you want to use this feature, go to the ‘Measure’ app on your iPhone, click on ‘+’ for the starting point, and then press ‘+’ again for the endpoint. You’ll see the measurements once you’re done with this.

No Robocalls Now:

Now you don’t need to purchase a third-party app to stop all the irritating robocalls. Your iPhone does the job of stopping all these calls from now on. It won’t block the call actually but it will direct it to voicemail without letting your phone ring.

For setting up this feature, open your Settings menu, select Phone, and then turn on the ‘Silent Unknown Callers’ option.


iPhones are pretty smooth and they come with some hidden features that many iPhone users don’t know about. They have brilliant software system support and always provide you a great user experience. If your iPhones don’t work properly, feel free to get in touch with local experts at uBreakIFix. UBreakIFix deals in free diagnostics, services, and used phones in Kelowna.

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