7 Gifts For Your Boss That Are Professional Yet Heart Touching

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One of the most challenging situations in the office is when you have to decide on a gift for your boss. It might be on Christmas when you are his Secret Santa, his birthday, a professional milestone, or any other personal event where you are invited, such as his wedding.

You have to find something professional yet let him know that you wish him the best and is not only an employee but also a friend if he needs it. Now,  keeping both these tones in a gift could be pretty tricky, and that is why you are here, reading this article. So, let get started. Here are a few suggestions that will hit the right note regarding gifting to your boss.

  1. A Desktop Green

Gift them a super cute green plant such as Jade, Money Plant or Bamboo, which are considered an icon of good luck, prosperity and is known to bring a positive aura in the space it sits in. You can also personalize the pot with the company logo, your boss’s name. It will surely please them, and this graceful gift will have them know that you wish nothing but the best for them.

  1. A Designer Cake

No good occasion is complete without a cake. Why not add a dash of humour in it and order a designer cake from any leading online bakery like Bakingo. They offer cake delivery in Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and any major city of the country. Pick a cake that suits your boss’s personality and share a hearty laugh with everyone. Your boss will enjoy this first step taken towards a friendship with you.

  1. A Gratitude Journal

Yes, your boss’s life might be too busy to journal and make plans on paper with pens, but a gratitude journal is different. It hardly takes a line or few words to fill in for the day and mainly asks for the things one feels grateful for. This concise journal will help them start their day on a positive note and doesn’t consume more than five minutes every day. You can find one easily online.

  1. A Personalized Mug

Choose a beautiful mug with floral design, abstract print or any other feature that you think will be the best and get it Personalized with their name or just their initials. This gift is a heart pleaser and will have them want to sip coffee or tea every time in this fancy cup while at the office.

  1. A Scented Candle

Pick a scent that suits a professional environment the most such as lemongrass, and give it a go. Let your boss close their eyes, take a deep breath and start their day with a soothing aroma filling their office. You can also get your hands on the set of candles with different fragrances. The relaxing scent will keep their heads cool, let them leave office drama far behind in their mind and allow them to focus on their productivity.

  1. A Docking Station

Pick a simple design but make sure it has space for a mobile phone, watch, sunglasses, and a flat area to keep a wallet or pens. Such a docking station will prove immensely helpful to their boss, and they will never forget to take these necessary items back home or make them search here and there when they need them. Pick a sleek design from the internet and you are good to go.

  1. A Motivating Non-Fiction Book

Everyone needs a dose of motivation now and then. Going week after week doing the exact work tire not only you but also affects your boss. They also have up, and downs in their daily work life and a little bit of motivation never hurts. Just one page a day will keep him hooked to the book.

If you are gifting your boss something, do mention it in the comments!

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