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7 Features of the VoIP Phone System That Makes Your Business Essential

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While e-mail has certainly become the a popular way of communication for companies, there is still something missing about it. You can’t transmit a good fashionable phone call through e-mail. . Are you looking for a new phone who has the capability of sending e-mails and other advanced features? VoIP could be what you need, especially when you are getting some excellent features of phone for your company’s progress. VoIP phone system is a complete set of all good features. You can make use of these features through an internet connection to transfer phone calls.

In today’s world, many small companies are moving to business VoIP solutions. There are many advantages to using such a service, but many small business owners overlook some of the most precious features. Beyond the options like voice mail, call waiting, call forwarding, and interactive voice reply, you will find many other features that can help your business. Cloud PBX system also offers a wide selection of values that can help you improve your business communication. Here are seven VoIP features offered by many providers that can improve your business for good.

Interactive Voice Reply

An automatic assistant is a superior feature of VoIP telephone system. Through this feature, it is possible to eliminate the need for a live receptionist. This function answers all your incoming calls and sends them to the desired extension using call routing rules. It also allows you to configure different numbers in local areas and have a proper menu system. This means that you can set up a system where a caller can easily get in touch with different departments or even a live operator.

Training Tools

Instead of giving your employees a suggestion after hanging on the phone, it is better to give them instructions while they are on the call. VoIP offers different features like barge and whisper that can help you train your employees. Barge lets you to listen to a conversation between an employee and a customer without interrupting. You can alert them if they make any mistakes. Whisper allows you to provide advice, tips and information to your employees while on the phone with a customer without interfering with the call.

Forward Calls through VoIP Phone System

Call forwarding is very superb business telephony feature that makes sure your customer’s calls never go unanswered. You can automatically redirect incoming to another extension or phone number. It is an outstanding option for business owners who want to improve customer satisfaction. These features also ensures that your customer service is not limited to desk phones.

Do Not Disturb Mode

The function of not disturbing can reduce a lot of stress. It can be used to stop incoming calls while you are in a meeting. You can use it while you are in meetings and conferences. You also have the option to leave a message on your answering machine or another option.

Record Calls

You may need to record calls if your company operates in a sector that is regulated. You can also use this feature to check up on your employees and maintain good customer satisfaction. Regardless of the need, a good VoIP system will allow the users to easily record calls, often through a single mouse click. You can then store it in an audio format that can be easily reproduced later.

Feature of Hoteling

Hoteling allows you to transfer all of the information on one IP phone to another one. The voicemail, speed dials, and outbound caller ID is identical. Hoteling is very beneficial for businesses that perform remote activities. You can keep access to your phone number without physically bringing your phone with you.

Facility of Video Call

Video chat is a valuable corporate phone function that allows several businessmen to join virtual meetings to listen and see. In addition to this, most VoIP solutions allow the exchange of screens. It is useful for sharing important documents and other information with team members. Many remote teams use videoconferencing to keep in touch every day. However, if you want to support video chat on your VoIP system, it is worth noting that you will need a quick and stable Internet connection to adapt to all these data.

Bottom line

Business VoIP solution offers exceptional value for companies through its Internet-based features. They are more advanced conservation and transfer tools or technology. The functions of the VoIP phone system are becoming essential tools of corporate communication. Moreover, it is more cost savings on fixed-line systems. You can also use cloud PBX technology of VoIP as it offers even more features at an affordable rate.


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