7 Excellent Ways to Beat The Summer Heat 

Heat waves lead to many deaths every year around the globe. You can cope with winters with layers of clothes. But hot weather always brings discomfort. You sweat a lot, get sunburns, have headaches, and the list goes on.

When you live in regions where the temperature reads more than 40 degrees centigrade in summer, you need to take care specific measures. Heat stroke is a common occurrence when heat waves hit hard. 

Blazing sun rays can not only cause heat-related ailments but also cause skin cancers and hair issues. Try to keep indoors as much as you can in summer. Especially during day time, you should only leave the premises if necessary.

This article lists some practical ways everyone should adapt to beat the heat. Let’s start exploring!

Drink Plenty

Dehydration is natural when you sweat tons. If the summer season is not easy on your soul, take a water bottle with you. Water is the biggest blessing not only in summer but also in winter. 

Your body sweats to cool itself, and if you drink water regularly, it can help to tone down the sweating. Make a habit of drinking water to replace the lost fluid in sweat. 

Cold water cools you and feels right when it passes while tracing along a refreshing feeling down your gut. But cold water is not healthy for your body. Try to drink water at average temperatures to let off your internal heat.

Turn on Air-Con

In regions with solid heat waves, you can not deal with Summers without turning the air conditioner on. Air conditioning is best to replace the hot air with cold one. You can do it easily at home if you have an AC installed. 

But how can you bring down the heat when you are out for work or some other activity? Just rush inside a cafe or general store that you find along the way. It will not only cool you down but also be fun.

Limit Your Kitchen Use

Kitchen stoves, gas or induction, build up heat in the air. Using a stove several times a day will be fine in winter as it keeps your home warm. 

But in summer, try to do the cooking and juggling at once. Using microwaves or cooking ranges are also a significant source of heated air that is discomforting. 

Shed off Extra Fat Layers

You must have heard of shedding extra layers and wearing lighter clothes to allow airflow during summer. But shedding off excess fat layers is also vital.

Just like the layers of coats and jackets keep us warm in winter, the layers of fat under your skin also keep your body warm. Try to shed extra fat layers through exercises and morning walks before dawn. You can also try some fat-burning medication and get free online coupons for discounts.

Spread Light Bedding

Riight bedding is crucial to keep you comfortable. It matters less in winter when you have blankets to cover you up. But in summer, the bedding can feel quite hot and irritating. 

It will help if you spread light bedding made of cotton or linen. Another way to have a good night’s sleep is to turn on the AC to let the bed cool down before you lay down to call it a day.

Let off the Steam

Cold showers are the best method to let off the heat. Cold showers are not only relaxing and healthy in summer but also in winter.

Making a habit of cold showers can keep you active and healthy with bright and glowing skin. 

Watch Your Caffeine Intake

Of course, many people need help to skip their morning coffee. Coffee is more than just a drink; it is a sweet addiction—a drive to boost your energy and mood right after bed. Morning coffees are heavenly, without question.

But they can bring discomfort for people with naturally high body temperatures. If you feel too hot, cutting down on coffee will be helpful.  

Cut Down On Booze

It might feel relaxing to chug down a cold beer or ice cocktail, But it is not the same for your gut. Alcohol can build up temperature within your body as the metabolism takes place. The blush on your skin after takings shots is the same reason.

Alcohol drinks raise your core body temperature. If you are cooling down to let off steam, alcohol might not be the best way in summer. 

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