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7 Essential Steps to Prepare for Your Laser Hair Removal Appointment

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Are you preparing for a laser hair removal appointment? If yes, this post is for you!

As much as laser treatments are effective in eliminating unwanted body hair, the best result lies in how well you prep before the session.

Below, we discussed some important steps to take before you head to your upcoming appointment:

What to do before a laser hair removal

Prior to laser hair removal, it’s important for you to make the necessary preparations to get the best results and avoid potential problems.

So how do you prepare for laser hair removal? Here are a few important steps:

1. Limit sun exposure

Before your appointment, you should avoid sun exposure since sunburn could negatively impact the results. Also, tanned skin doesn’t respond well to the laser treatment and may even increase the risk of complications.

So as you prepare for laser hair removal, plan your activities, so it doesn’t involve going out on the sun for extended periods. But if it’s unavoidable, make sure you wear sunscreen or use protective clothing, especially in the treatment area.

2. Shave before you go

Yes, you read that right! It’s advisable to shave the treatment area a day before your scheduled appointment. This way, the laser will target the hair follicles effectively instead of the surface hair.

Take note that you should only shave. Never pluck, wax, or use depilatory cream because this will uproot the hair follicles, which is what the laser targets.

Also, be careful when shaving to prevent cuts or irritations, which may delay your treatment.

3. Avoid using topical products

One of the things to do before laser hair removal is to pause the use of any topical skincare product 24 hours before your appointment. This includes lotions, perfumes, creams, and other products your technician will advise about.

Overall, these products may contain ingredients that may interact negatively with the laser and cause skin irritations.

In general, it’s fine to wash the treatment area with gentle soap and water, but skip your usual skincare routine until your provider says it’s safe to resume.

4. Dress for comfort

What to do before laser hair removal also includes picking the right clothes to wear. You should opt for breathable and loose clothing, so the fabric won’t rub or chafe your treated skin.

For example, if you’re getting facial hair removal, you should wear a shirt with a wide neckline. You can also go for a button-up shirt, so you can take it off without rubbing the fabric on your face.

Meanwhile, if the treatment involves your legs or bikini area, you should wear loose-fitting shorts or skirts. A loose dress would also be a wise option.

On the other hand, you should also avoid wearing accessories or jewelry near or in the treatment area.

5. Arrive clean and fresh

Knowing how to prep for laser hair removal should also include proper hygiene. On your appointment day, make sure you arrive with the treatment area clean and freshly washed.

At the same time, avoid using makeup, oils, or other similar products on the treatment area. If you happen to put some, make sure you inform your technician, so they can let you wash it first. This way, the laser can target the hair follicles properly without irritating your skin.

6. Inform your provider

You should also inform your laser technician of any medication you’re currently taking. This is because some medications like blood-thinning drugs may trigger side effects and possible complications.

Aside from that, you should also bring up any skin sensitivities or medical conditions you may have. This way, your technician can assess if it’s safe for you to undergo the laser treatment.

If you have a lingering illness or any serious medical condition, make sure you also consult your physician first. This way, your doctor can tell you if laser treatments are safe or if you need to observe some extra precautions.

7. Plan for downtime

Overall, laser hair removal is non-invasive and you can continue your usual routine after each treatment. However, you still need to observe some aftercare steps to ensure that your skin will heal properly.

First, avoid any strenuous physical activities that may cause excessive sweating, since it will irritate the skin further. Aside from that, the treatment area will be slightly swollen, tender, and sensitive, which may affect some of your usual activities.


Knowing how to prepare for laser hair removal will save you from irritations and discomfort. It’s important that you consult with your laser technician about the needed preparation to ensure that you’ll have a hassle-free treatment experience.

Above all, you should choose an experienced and trusted medical spa for laser hair removal. This way, you can get rid of unwanted hair with minimal side effects and zero complications.


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