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7 Different Types of Bed Mattresses & Their Benefits

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Scientific study has demonstrated the relevance of sleep in the correct functioning of the human body. The quantity and quality of sleep can have a significant impact on a person’s mood. People who sleep less than seven to eight hours per night are more likely to have attention problems. The environment is crucial for achieving a good night’s sleep. Of all the factors that impact sleep, mattresses are the most significant. 

This has prompted manufacturing companies to spend a good amount of money on research in this field. This has further resulted in a variety of mattresses types. This article takes a look at the different types of mattresses available in their market and also their benefits. It also looks into bed mattress prices including that of spring mattress prices.

Many factors have to be considered when you plan to buy a mattress. Mattresses with a variety of options in the firmness level and comfort are available. You may also have to take into consideration your sleep position also while selecting the right mattress for you.

The most common types of mattresses that are available in today’s market are memory foam, latex, hybrid, innerspring, orthopedic, back support, and Bonnel spring mattresses. This article looks into the benefits of each type. 

1. Memory foam mattress

Memory foam mattresses are the epitome of a comfortable night’s sleep. The pressure relief provided by a memory foam mattress or memory foam layers, in general, is unrivaled. They’re great for folks who desire a pressure-relieving, comfortable, and contoured sleeping experience. Furthermore, a memory foam mattress is a fantastic choice for persons who have a healthy or average body. The advantage of memory foam is that it gives the hugging experience and provides maximum comfort. The memory foam rebounds to its natural shape immediately on release of pressure to enhance all-around comfort.

2. Latex:  

The most environmentally friendly mattress option is a latex foam mattress. The latex foam mattress, which is made from solidified latex and frothed into a mattress, is one of the most durable and extensively used mattresses in India and around the world. The following are some of the reasons why latex foam mattresses are a great choice for your bedroom. Latex is naturally sourced. It is hypoallergenic and healthy. It is medium-firm and hence ideal for orthopedic mattresses as well as normal mattresses. It is temperature neutral and provides maximum comfort.

3. Hybrid: 

Hybrid mattresses are an example of how the sleep business has blended the best of both worlds into a single, pleasant product. The majority of options combine advanced memory foam technology with an advanced innerspring core to provide a surface that provides exceptional support, durability, and comfort. The benefits of hybrid mattresses are that the best qualities of different materials are combined here to provide maximum comfort.

4. Pocket Spring

Innerspring mattresses with a contouring support feature are known as pocket spring mattresses. Innerspring coils are individually isolated and encased in a robust fibre’ pocket’. Mattresses with pocket springs provide excellent support, especially for the elderly and obese. 

 5. Orthopedic

Orthopedic mattresses are a good choice for persons who need extra comfort and support due to a medical condition. People with persistent back or shoulder pain, the elderly, and those with other medical concerns should only use orthopedic mattresses that have been prescribed by a doctor. Orthopedic mattresses, on the other hand, come in a variety of materials and layouts. It provides maximum health benefits for customers.

6. Back support

Back support mattresses are those that help correct your spine when you sleep on your back or side. They reduce strain in the shoulders, spine, and pelvic area, as well as supporting overall spine health. Back support mattresses, which come in a variety of materials and configurations, are essential for the elderly, persons with spinal disorders, and most people with chronic conditions. Back-support mattresses can be made from latex foam, HR foam, memory foam, and innerspring mattresses. Their layering and density make them back-support mattresses that are also helpful for spinal health.

7. Bonnel Spring

Bonnell coil mattresses are a fantastic choice for persons who require a lot of or outstanding uniform support all over their bodies. Hourglass-shaped spring coils provide consistent support, resulting in a firmer and more supporting surface.

Springtek mattress prices vary according to the material used. Springtek mattresses are available in all the above options.


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