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7 Best Sunglasses Designs For Men in 2021

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The sunglasses market has a plethora of innovative designs that launch every year and shape the eyewear trends. However, every design does not fit the style statement of every customer. Therefore we handpicked some of the latest styles for every fashion sense. You can flaunt these pieces every year because of their timeless look. Also, they have functional designs that can last for ages. These pairs are also available at an affordable sunglasses price in Pakistan to make them accessible for everyone.

1. Sporty Sunglasses

These shades usually come with additional sun protection for those who like to play sports outdoors. You can buy these sunglasses with polarized lenses and UV protection to keep your eyes safe. Also, these sunglasses have a sturdy body, and they can sustain any hit during a game. There are many classy styles of sporty sunglasses available in the market. You can get them for golf, cricket, skiing, or even fishing. Besides, they usually come with an anti-glare coating that reflects any sharp light. This light often reflects from shiny surfaces, such as water and snow. Moreover, it can cause headaches or eye strain upon prolonged exposure. Therefore, it is safe to wear these protective sunglasses to prevent the annoying glare of light.

2. D-Frame Sunglasses

These shades recently made a comeback because of their masculine design. They have an edgy look with a geometric frame and cover the eyes with wide lenses. Also, they can help contour the face of those with a round face and chubby cheeks. The most prominent feature of these shades is the straight browline that covers the eyebrows. Besides, you can get them with semi-transparent lenses that add a mysterious look to these sunglasses. Many high-end brands offer this style of shades for men who love a professional look. However, you can also wear them to a party or a gathering with friends to make an impact.

3. Chunky Wayfarer Sunglasses

The classic Wayfarer sunglasses never go out of trend because of their timeless vibe. These sunglasses recently got an upgrade with a chunky square design. This style looks more refined and trendy than the traditional wayfarer shades. Meanwhile, you can keep them in your wardrobe as a staple because they will always remain evergreen. The thick frame of these sunglasses has a masculine vibe that suits every style statement. Besides, they have been a favorite of eyewear lovers for over six decades. You can buy these shades in the classic black color or play with other shades for a trendy look. Moreover, you can get vintage-style sunglasses with tortoiseshell frames as well.

4. Modern Aviator Sunglasses

Even though the classic aviator design is a favorite among many customers, the modern style also won hearts. These oversized aviator sunglasses cover a significant part of the face and give a high-fashion look. Besides, they look sporty yet classy at the same time. You can get these frames with a more defined silhouette in a metal design or go for the sturdy acetate one. Either way, these vintage sunglasses look chic with a trendy vibe. The classic teardrop lenses of these shades are also a hit because of the retro look. Hence, you can wear them to flaunt your fashion sense at any event.

5. Vintage Sunglasses

Nothing beats the look of a sturdy vintage frame with a hint of modernity. Retro-style sunglasses became popular recently because of their distinct vintage look. These shades come in the classic black and brown tones but, you can also have fun with some colorful frames. Also, the tinted lenses in these sunglasses are perfect for the summer look. The vintage round shades are some of the most popular sunglasses for men at this time. Therefore, many international brands came forward with this style over the past year. It means that you can find these sunglasses on display from your favorite sunglasses brand.

6. Gold Sunglasses

The metal gold frames always represent luxury and give a high-fashion look to the sunglasses. These shades became popular over the last year and many customers loved them because of their versatile design. Gold sunglasses go with every outfit since they compliment every color. Besides, they are easily accessible from various brands. One of the most loved designs is the classic aviator sunglasses in a gold frame. Even though Ray-Ban introduced this style, many brands also followed their lead. You can also pair these sunglasses with tinted lenses as they go well with every color.

7. Tortoiseshell Sunglasses

The classic tortoiseshell frames appeared in the latest trends recently and made a huge comeback. You can catch these shades on the front pages of several fashion magazines because of their recent resurgence. These classic sunglasses have a marbled finish that combines two or more colors. Usually, these shades come in warm tones but, you can also explore the cool-toned options such as gray and black.

These trendy sunglasses are not only versatile but also have a timeless look. Hence, you do not need to spend on new shades every year because of the ever-changing fashion trends.


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