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7 Best Hidden Android Phone Hikes and Tricks 2021

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1.        Offline usage of Google maps

Google maps are always your best friend when it comes to traveling for road trips and most probably to explore new places. But it might also be an issue as a lot of areas do not have the perfect network to navigate your way throughout your journey to your destination. But now you do not have to worry because there is an option for you to display the map offline. You can simply download the app for the journey prior and keep it as an off-line option So that even if there is no proper network while you are traveling to your destination there won’t be any obstacles in your journey as you have already saved the map offline. 

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2.        Zooming in with the triple tap feature

The triple tap zoom feature is one of the best features and an added bonus as it helps people with a little poor vision to read and type conveniently. One can adjust the settings from the settings menu in the mobile phone and simply switch on the triple tap feature to zoom in and out on the text that has been received or sent. It is almost like a magnifying feature for the better visibility of text on the mobile phone.

3.        Boosting up the charging speed

Almost everyone is fed up with the training battery and slow charging process. Though, there are a lot of fast charging options available today there are even more tricks to charge your mobile phone even faster. The Old and effective way of switching off the mobile and putting it on a charge of course works every time. But what if you do not wish to switch off your mobile phone and still want to speed up the charging process? Yes, it is completely possible. You can simply put your mobile phone on Airplane Mode and double the charging speed of your mobile phone.

4.        Adjusting volume according to certain applications

Volume is one of the main factors that come across while using the phone daily. You can simply switch on to volume tones and their pitch depending on the different functions on your mobile phone. For example, you can keep a different kind of tone for your ringtone and a different one for any other notifications. You can also adjust them from low to high or high to low according to your preference.

5.        Floating keyboard

With the Google keyboard app, you can simply have a floating keyboard on the screen as per your comfort and convenience. You can just keep the keyboard anywhere on the screen as its name says you can make the keyboard float as per your work or activity that you are performing on your mobile phone.

6.        Shortcut from the home screen to the chatbox

Are you fed up with opening a certain app only to send a message or chat with specific people? Well, you do not have to go all through this process every time you want to open a certain person‘s chat from any specific application. You can simply put the chatbox on your home screen as a shortcut method to open the chat quickly and send a text to that specific chatbox. This way it wouldn’t consume a lot of your time to send a simple text to a specific person.

7.        Floating click button for the camera

This is one of the very interesting options in the mobile phone. The floating click button, while you are clicking pictures with the camera of your smartphone, is another added bonus. It has you focus on the object and at the same time click or real quick pictures of the object or individual you are focusing on To. You can simply choose if you want to display this option or not after you open the camera app.

If you are thinking of buying or selling your mobile phone then you need to keep all things in your mind.


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