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How to calculate theoretical yield and percent yield with online calculators within a minute?

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Calculating scientific notions and balancing extensive equations sometimes become a lot of nuisance for students especially if they are dealing with chemistry subjects. Considering the glitches students face while dealing with such complicated subjects, several online tools and calculators were offered by various sites.

Among the most difficult notions in chemistry, calculating theoretical yield and percent yield has its own room. Most of the students find it really tough and time taking to calculate the percent yield and theoretical yield of a reaction. For this reason, the popularity of online theoretical yield and percent yield calculators is not hidden.

How we can calculate the theoretical yield and percent yield in less than 6 minutes using an online calculator is explained in this article.

Theoretical Yield Calculators

The theoretical yield is the yield you would expect to receive if the reaction went exactly as planned. That is, if every molecule behaved precisely as it should have and no material was lost at any point throughout the process.

The theoretical yield is calculated depending on the amount of limiting reagent you used to initiate the reaction. To calculate the theoretical yield therefore you have to determine the number of moles of limiting reagent and the balanced equation to see how much is needed. 

Then identify, what amount of product will be generated if the reaction proceeds as indicated by the equation, consuming the limiting reagent as stated by the equation? 

Following all these complex and extensive steps would let you calculate the theoretical yield of a reaction. While there’s also chances of miscalculations and commissions during the calculations.

You can avoid this extremely lengthy and complicated procedure of calculations by using the theoretical yield calculator. By entering the theoretical yield and the actual yield value, the percent yield calculator is a quick tool that allows you to quickly compute the percent yield value.

How to Calculate Percent Yield with Online Calculators

Calculating the theoretical yield is just a matter of a few seconds using the online calculators. Theoretical yield calculator is a beneficial tool for students and experts both wh are trying to calculate yield of their chemical reactions.

Below is mentioned the procedure how you can calculate the percent yield of your chemical reaction using a theoretical yield calculator.

Open Theoretical Yield Calculators

First step is to open a credible and up to date theoretical yield calculators that helps you to calculate the theoretical yield of your calculators accurately.

Input Values

The main step to perform is to input the values of the chemical substances involved. For limiting reagents enter the mass values in any unit you have measured the quantity. This can either be in grams, milligrams or even micrograms. Also enter the molecular weight of the limiting reagent as well.

As soon as you enter the limiting reagents value in the calculator the number of moles and the molecular weight of products would automatically be adjusted and you don’t have to calculate them either.

Hit Calculate

SImply, click the calculate button and as a result the theoretical yield calculation of your chemical reaction will be displayed to you.

Percent Yield 

In terms of chemistry, percent yield refers to a comparison between the actual yield and the theoretical yield, which is represented as a percentage. In order to calculate percent yield, two values are required: the actual yield and the theoretical yield.

To calculate the percent yield, its formula is calculated by dividing the actual yield by the theoretical yield not in the same units and multiplying the result by 100 percent  as represented below:

Percent Yield = Actual Yield/ Theoretical Yield * 100

However, the yield is determined by the mole ratio of the reactants to the products. It makes no difference whether you represent actual and theoretical yield in grams or moles; as long as you use the same units for both yields.

The quantity of product produced from a reaction or experiment is referred to as the actual yield. Generally, in order to get the quantities in moles the substances are first weighed in grams and then convert the mass to moles using a conversion factor.

Percent Yield Calculators

It is quite a convenient and fast procedure to calculate the percentage yield of a reaction. Using an online percent yield calculator. Based on the theoretical yield and the actual yield it follows a straightforward computation of the percentage. 

However, the efficiency of a synthetic technique is measured using percentage yield. It informs you how well your reaction has been carried out. Moreover, the percentage yield of something other than a chemical process could also be calculated using a percent yield calculator. 

The formula used to calculate the percent yield is the similar as to calculate the percent yield manually i.e. Y = AY/TY * 100. In this formula, the “Y” represents the percent yield. Whereas the AY and TY are used for the abbreviation of actual yield and theoretical yield respectively. 

Just input the theoretical yield and actual yield in the space provided for the purpose in the percent yield calculator. After that select the calculate option, soon after you click you will be provided with the percent yield of your reaction. Since the percent yield is a percentage, this calculation is deemed unit less. 

You see, this method to calculate the percent yield of a chemical reaction is a tricky procedure. That also involves mathematical conversion of units. Moreover, manual calculations always carry a room for errors and miscalculations.

Concerning the issues, the percent yield calculator is a remarkable on-line tool. That calculates the percent yield of a chemical reaction precisely. And you don’t have to indulge in tiresome calculations gile performing your experiment.

How to Calculate Percent Yield with Online Calculator

Calculating percent yield using an online calculator is a straightforward and two clicks away procedure. The summarized method to pursue percent yield calculations using an online calculator is explained below.

Enter Values

After opening a competent percent yield calculator input the values of theoretical yield. And actual yield in the place provided for the purpose. Be sure to enter the correct values in the calculator.

Click Calculate

Soon after entering the theoretical yield and actual yield values in the calculator. Hit the click option provided beneath the values entering box. The calculator starts processing and in less than a minute your results will be displayed on your screen.


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