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6 Wine Wonders You Never Knew

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Does your idea of relaxing after a long day involve a bottle of wine? Are you a wine enthusiast? If so, do read on as today we’re sharing a list of fascinating facts about this alcoholic beverage consumed worldwide.

Wine is an age-old drink that is made and consumed globally. From the classic Chardonnay to the flavourful Pinot Noir, the wine exhibits various flavors like sweet, sour, bitter, etc. Scroll down to know about the wonders of this drink.

1. There are five types of wine

Source: Pixabay.com 

When it comes to wine classification, many people assume that there are just two types of wine: red and white. However, in reality, there are five varieties of wine. These are red, white, rose, dessert, and sparkling. They may be further classified into various types. For instance, dessert wine comes in three varieties: sherry, port, or tawny.

Similarly, white wine is classified into Viognier wine, Chardonnay, etc. All these wines are different in terms of ingredients, fermentation process duration, and the overall production style. The flavor of these wines sets them apart from each other. Also, the type of food that goes well with them is not similar.

2. A bottle of wine contains over 600 grapes

Source: Pixabay.com 

Do you ever wonder how many grapes go into a bottle of wine? Despite it being a highly celebrated alcoholic beverage, not many people know the answer to the question. Well, the answer is somewhere between 600 and 800. That’s right. More than 600 grapes are crushed, which is then used for fermenting juice to produce a bottle of wine.

That quantity of wine grapes amounts to approximately 10 clusters. If you’re yet to explore the process of winemaking at a vineyard, do give it a try to explore this lesser-known thing about wine

3. Not all wine gets better with age

Aging like a fine wine is a popular expression. However, not all wine gets better with age. Contrary to common belief, aging does not necessarily improve wine’s quality, at least not for all wines. However, the complex chemical reaction specific to each wine changes with time.

It all depends on how the chemical composition of the wine as it ages. Factors like the texture and tannin content in the beverage play a vital role in determining whether a particular wine improves or deteriorates in quality over time. It is wise to ask the wine seller whether it is best consumed now or later.

4. Italy is the largest wine producer

Source: Pixabay.com 

Global wine consumption has increased drastically over the last few decades, and Italy is at the forefront of wine production. While most people believe that Napa Valley in California produces most wine, Italy, France, and Spain are the leading wine producers.

Italy produces around 42-51 million hectoliters annually, making it the top wine producer, while France produces 36-47 million hectoliters every year. Spain and the United States follow France. The vineyards in these countries grow a vast range of grape varieties. Aside from the countries stated above, Argentina, Chile, Australia, and China are among the top 10 wine producers.

5. Women make better wine tasters than men

The practice of wine tasting dates back to ancient times, and even in today’s day and age, it is serious business. A wine taster, aka sommelier, is an individual whose job involves a sensory examination of the wine to evaluate its flavor and uniqueness.

As per the research conducted at Monell Chemical Sciences Center, women have better tasting ability. Due to this scientifically proven fact, women make better sommelier than men. All the ladies considering wine tasting as a profession can go ahead and give it a try.

6. Wine grapes look and taste different

Source: Pixabay.com 

If you were under the impression that the grapes you buy from your local farmer’s market are also used for making wine, you’re in for a huge surprise. The grapes you eat are mostly seedless and extremely pulpy. Meanwhile, wine grapes are replete with seeds, leaner in shape, and contain a high sugar content.

Wine grapes are different from standard ones in terms of seed quantity, pulpiness, and sweetness quotient. If you want to taste wine grapes, head to a vineyard and indulge in the rich flavor of a variety of wine grapes.

Wrapping up

The distinct aroma and fruity flavor of wine make it stand out from other alcoholic drinks. However, few people know about the amazing facts associated with wine. Everything from the maturing of wine to its taste depends on several factors. As a rule of thumb, it is wise to do some research to learn about the right way to consume and store any particular bottle of wine. Better yet, go on King Valley winery tours to learn more


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