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6 Ways to Turn Your Place into a Cozy Home

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A house isn’t your home until you’ve added a personal touch to make your spaces feel like it. If it isn’t cozy home, warming, and inviting, it isn’t home. As most people are staying primarily indoors, adding that little personal touches make a huge difference.

So without further ado, here are our top tricks to turning your place into a comfy little abode called ‘home sweet home.’

Good Lighting 

The first step to inviting warmth into your house is through lighting. One can never undermine the importance of good lighting in fashioning a cozy atmosphere. However, try to avoid single, overhead lighting as it creates a harsh environment. You can also select a table, pride lift chairs, floor lamp, or task lighting and create these illuminating sources to add a whimsical touch to the ambience.

It’s unnecessary to go crazy and spree on various new designs of lights and lamps right away. You can change the entire look and feel of the area by ensuring that all bulbs in the room are of warm temperatures. Candle lights emit warm light, and that’s a great idea to create that cozy feeling in your place. By getting rid of the cold light bulbs, you can make a huge difference.  

Plants and Wood Accents

Adding plants to the living space is a fantastic way to bring lots of life and cozy sensation into your home. Introduce long, leafy, sprawling plants in your balcony or hanging plants from living room ceilings or bathroom shelves. These plants can brighten up both your place and your mood. Smaller, potted plants hovering on windowsills are also a great idea. Additionally, you can have your indoor plants propped in natural woven baskets, planters, or pots with warm tones such as terracotta or brass and metallic.

Wood accents are a great addition to a home. Incorporating wood adds warmth and serenity to your rooms. You can opt for hardwood floors, wooden furniture pieces such as dressers and coffee tables, or even wooden shelves. The part about adding wooden elements to your house is you don’t need to spend much. Accents like wooden trays, bowls, or small decorative items add picture-perfect touches to bring that warmness. Additionally, you can also DIY wooden handmade crafts or some rare gems from dollar stores and add them in your room.

Nothing can go wrong with Rugs

By adorning your floors with rugs, you can give your feet a treat. Rugs add texture, warmth, and a certain charm to the rooms. One amazing way to do it is by adding plush rugs. Why? Placing these rugs next to the foot of your bed or a fireplace will lit up the whole ambience with warmth and comfort. 

If you love fancy, you can opt for a stunning Persian or Moroccan rug. You can also layer different rugs together to add a little more texturizing and a whole level of comfort. It will create an inviting effect, be cost-effective, and an excellent substitute for a big carpet.  

All about the texture

Textural objects are those pretty-to-see-and-feel things in your home that feel compelling to touch. Textural things can be many things like throw blankets, linens, and faux fur. You can add pillows and blankets on armchairs, couches, bedroom duvets, and even on the floor next to a pet bed or fireplace. Thankfully, textures aren’t limited to delicate items. By mixing up materials in your homes like leather, wood, or ceramic, you can bring appealing and extraordinary sensations.

Stack Your Books

Books can add and create completely different charms to a house when placed on coffee tables and bookshelves. While elegant fashion magazines can bring glamorous vibes, old and antique classics can add a homely look. Books can bring a difference to your spaces. So stack your books up to add to your satisfaction and bring home a relaxing vibe.

Create a Cozy Corner

Now that you’ve got the essentials in consideration for a cozy home, it’s time to move on and gather some of those up and create a cozy corner. It will reap the rewards of a warm and lovely home. It’s a simple one to make.

Your cozy corner is a part of your home where you can rest, retreat and have your own quiet,  and me-time. As such, it will need to have a comfortable place to sit. You can add an armchair, add some comfy throw pillows, or a blanket to it. The cozy space can also have soft toys to snuggle up with, and you can add an ottoman or a stool to rest your feet. Lastly, add a coffee table for your cup of tea and a scented candle with some of your favorite chocolates to set up the mood and enjoy!


Every house needs to feel cozy as the home is the sanctuary after a long tiring day and the place a person looks forward to resting and being on their own. When a home is cozy, it feels homely. So start your adventure by making your house home with the tips and tricks we share.


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