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6 Ways to Make Your Home Look Expensive with Paint in Denver, CO

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There are a lot of things that you could do to increase your curb appeal and make your house look much more expensive without having to spend a lot of money. Re-painting your home can be a way to update your home efficiently without having to spend too much money. This is your guide to interior house paint from Kind Home Solutions in Denver, CO that would help you with your house renovations.

1. Use light colors on the walls and ceilings to make your home look larger

Color has the potential to make a small room larger and a large room cozier, so you have to pick the right color to help you with the vibe that you are going for. If you have low ceilings and you want to make the ceiling look much taller and more spacious, then you can paint the ceiling white or any light colors and pair it with a crown molding the same color.

This is because having a light-colored ceiling would make the whole room feel much airier. It would help the room feel larger because there is going to be a contrast between the color of your walls and the color of your ceiling. It would soften the overall feeling of the space.

But if you want a room to feel more intimate and welcoming, on the other hand, then do the opposite. Choosing darker colors for your ceiling would help make your ceilings feel lower and cozier.

2. Choose a dark color for the trim around doors and windows to add contrast

When you choose a dark color for your trims found around your doors and windows, it would effectively open up your space since it would add a strong contrast between your trim and your walls. It would be able to help energize your home and make this an eye-popping environment.

If you are also trying to conceal some of the imperfections on your walls, then you would be able to help cover them up by choosing dark colors for your trim. This would help hide some of the scuff marks in your baseboard more effectively while framing the views more beautifully.

3. Paint one wall in a bold, bright color for a pop of personality

Adding more personality to your house is an effective way of making your house look more expensive. A great way to do this is by painting one of the walls in a room a bold and bright color. This would also help emphasize certain designs in your home, highlighting some artwork, fixed features like a fireplace and even furniture, while adding more dramatics.

4. Create an accent wall by painting a section of the room a different color

You could add an accent wall in a room to give your home this contemporary edge to your interior design. You would be able to do this by painting a section of the room with a different color, making the room look and feel so much more dramatic. You could use another shade of the same color you used on the wall to make it pop.

5. Use two or more colors in your home’s design scheme

When you want to switch it up a bit, then you could be bold and use two or more colors in your home’s design scheme. You could do this by painting your furniture a different color, like a beautiful shade of green, and then pick another color for your wall.

Doing this would help put more emphasis on your furniture and provide more continuity throughout your home. It could give this particular room more character, personality, and life.

6. Add texture to your paint job with rolled or brushed strokes

A great way for you to update and make your house look more expensive is by adding texture to the paint job that you have done on your wall by using a roller or a different brush stroke technique.

When you are doing this, you are first going to have to choose the design of what you want the texture to be. Textured walls can add versatility to your home’s interior elements. It’s a great way to make your colors or certain features within your home really stand out.

When you are planning on updating your home, it is best to work with a professional to help you with all of your home renovations, and interior and exterior painting needs.


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