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6 Things To Know About Cervical Artificial Discs

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The natural cervical intervertebral disc is a remarkable physical structure that absorbs a large compressive load and provides a range of motion between the bones in the neck. In addition, several artificial cervical discs are developed to alleviate chronic neck pain and other conditions. 

Cervical artificial discs are an impressive alternative to cervical issues and neck pain. 

What Are Cervical Artificial Discs? 

The following list details the information regarding artificial cervical discs:

  1. Different artificial discs are made up of various materials. Most of them are made up of metal (like titanium or cobalt-chromium) outer shells, with the inside containing medical-grade plastics. But all artificial discs have one purpose: to replace damaged discs and regain movement and flexibility.
  1. A surgical process called fusion is operated on those patients whose discs become severely damaged. In this medical procedure, the vertebrae are fused with the help of a bone graft. While this process successfully relieves the pain and strengthens the spine, most patients lose the mobility of the particular region. 
  1. Artificial discs are used instead of fusion to retain the mobility and flexibility of the spine in the treated patients. This is why more and more people opt for artificial disc replacement instead of fusion.
  1. Cervical disc replacement surgery can have different results for different people. The efficiency of the surgery depends upon the patient’s medical history and the expertise of the spine specialist. Moreover, the cervical disc replacement surgery cost in India varies accordingly.

6 Things To Know About Cervical Artificial Disc

When you consider artificial cervical discs, these are the six things that you should know:

  1. Quick Recovery With Least Complications

Clinical trials are proof that cervical artificial disc surgery results in fewer complications as compared to fusion. Moreover, this also means that the patient can expect a faster recovery from the surgery and return to work quickly. 

Moreover, there is less chance of developing adjacent segment degeneration. Finally, this saves the patient from having another possible surgery in the future.

  1. Effectiveness Of The Procedure

Various clinical trials point out that cervical artificial disc replacement surgery is comparatively safer and more effective than fusion treatment. This fact increases the chances of a successful surgery and attracts patients towards this surgical treatment. 

  1. Insurance Coverage

The US insurance policies mostly cover the charges of the procedure. In India as well, some different schemes and insurances provide monetary aid to the patients. 

  1. Ambulatory Surgery Center

Some surgeons have started offering cervical disc replacement in an ambulatory surgery centre (ASC) instead of hospitals. In this scenario, the procedure costs less. It can be up to 80 per cent less in an outpatient ASC than in an inpatient hospital setting. However, this option is not available to all patients.

  1. Limited Information Surrounding The Procedure

Some types of cervical disc replacement procedures have been in use for a very short duration. Therefore, the biggest issue with this is that long-term results or risks are still unknown to us. However, the results have been favourable so far, and no serious risks have cropped up yet.

  1. Initial Information

In 2013, the first technology for disc implants was approved for a 2-level artificial disc replacement. According to the clinical trials conducted, the Mobi-C cervical artificial disc had superior results than the 2-level fusion surgery.

The Cost Of The Cervical Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery

The average cost for disc replacement surgeries is very high in western countries. However, disc replacement surgery cost in India is substantially less compared to the other countries.

The cost of the surgery varies from city to city. For example, the average cost of cervical disc replacement surgery in Delhi is INR 4.35 lakhs. At the same time, the treatment in Kolkata costs up to INR 5 lakh. 

The charges vary based on the city, country, specialist and the surgery itself. However, disc replacement surgery cost in India ranges from INR 3.75 lakh to almost INR 6 lakhs.

Where To Get Cervical Disc Replacement Surgery?

There are many prominent hospitals available in India that provide top treatment to patients. For example, Max Hospital offers high-quality service and treatment with the help of remarkable and proficient specialists dedicated to delivering assured guidance and assistance to their patients.


Cervical artificial disc replacement surgery is a relatively new branch of medical science. The procedure is set to develop furthermore in the future. But from the little that we know about the surgery, there have been no huge risks or complications so far. And the surgery has been successful and effective in most cases.


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