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6 Tech Trends Transforming Human Resource Management

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Human resources are a people-centric department. Some of their duties include finding the right employees, motivating them to exceed expectations, and building strong relationships within teams. Over the past few years, like other business aspects, the HR world has been turned upside down thanks to the rapid development of technology. While HR managers have more or less the same duties and responsibilities, they’ve become more streamlined and automated than before. There are so many trends shaping human resource management as we speak. Here are the six most prominent ones.

Mobile Devices and Apps

In your organization, you might be managing a remote team which means you might also have a remote HR team. Since remote teams rely on mobile apps to do their work, your HR team could also make use of something similar to keep the operations running smooth. Believe it or not, mobile devices and apps have been dominating the HR world for a while now. More and more companies are looking to adopt functional systems and practices. These systems are usually accessible across multiple mobile devices. It means, your recruiting team can streamline their functions, delegate, and complete tasks on the move.

Hybrid Work

It could be said the pandemic is slowly becoming a thing of the past. With that in mind, executives have been analyzing the consequences to move forward in the post-pandemic world. The pandemic has left employees with a choice — to return to their old offices or continue working from home. However, they also have a third alternative combining the best of both worlds — hybrid work. In this case, HR teams have to prepare for new workplaces with employees with different work preferences. To keep everyone on the same page, regardless of their location, useful tools, such as Blink, will become a priority in terms of workplace communication.

Recruiting Tools

HR departments usually have their plates full. On top of all their responsibilities, they have to deal with turnover rates which are every company’s nightmare. Since the recruiting process is already complex and time-consuming, your staff could use some advanced tools to simplify the activities and reduce the steps to a minimum. Also, they could use a hand with sifting through all the data. For this reason, recruiting tools have been evolving and today, HR managers have some of the most sophisticated software at their disposal. As a result, finding candidates, screening their CVs, and interviewing them has never been easier. Since tools continue to evolve, experts predict that recruiting will become even more straightforward in the future.

AI for Analytics

Every day, recruiters have to collect, analyze, and present valuable data of their current and potential employees. Doing this without any technologies could take days, even weeks, and coming up with the best strategies even longer. Luckily for HR teams, data management and analytics have been simplified thanks to AI. All the tools available to HR managers allow them to collect and act on feedback, survey employees, and analyze different data sets. As a result, they gain valuable insight into what engages and motivates every employee in the organization. The most recent trend augmented analytics digs deep into the corporate data finds relevant information and presents HR with action steps with as minimal supervision as possible.

Social Media

Most young people hear about job openings through social media. On the other hand, recruiters use LinkedIn and Facebook to find prospective candidates for positions in their companies. Also, social media is necessary for employer branding and employee engagement. Therefore, social media doesn’t just help you kill the time but also find a dream job and keep it. To make the most of social media, HR professionals have to stay up to date with their trends too. You can choose to integrate social media into your day-to-day operations. For example, to engage employees or to engage with customers. Also, HR managers can use them to network and build relationships with industry experts.

Cloud-based Technologies

For all remote HR teams, comprehensive cloud-based solutions, such as HR Cloud, are essential. They contain multiple HR platforms and activities in one. For example, onboarding, employee benefits, collaboration tools, and payroll are all in one place. Any member of your HR team can access them online and make sure all operations within the department are running smoothly. More importantly, all employee information in the archive is secure and there are no security threats. Before making these technologies a part of your organizational assets, you first have to make sure it adds value. Since they’re all about centralizing data, chances are your business can only benefit from their use.


Unlike most departments, HR revolves around the staff, their engagement, productivity, and well-being. Although some worry technologies might eliminate the human element, so far it has managed to do the opposite. With automated tasks, digitalization, and apps, HR managers can devote themselves to employees and team relationships. After all, they’re the driving force of every company.


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