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6 simple steps to make computer fast

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The speed of a PC matters a lot when you are using any crucial job. Working on a slow computer can be real trouble.System speed depends on the RAM allotted. But several other things affect the PC speed. For a slow system; you can try a few simple steps for enhancing the speed.

Remove all clutter from PC

Junk is one of the main reasons for speed issues. Computer accumulates lots of junk which needs to be removed. The PC junk barely shows any issues but affects the device performance. Users should check for all clutter on the system. For the junk, go to the temp files folder. Now go to the C drive and check for the clutter. Users sometimes uninstall the program from the device but forget to remove the related files. If you see any of those files then delete them. Many junk files are difficult to find. For removing those files, users can run the cleanout tool. For Windows systems, users can run a clean manager. The user has to type cleanmgr on the command prompt. After removing all the junk, your system will start running at a better speed.

Scan your device for malware

Virus and malware infection also slows down the computer speed. You have to scan the computer for malware. Users must use a reliable antivirus for scanning the device. But some users claim that installing an antivirus is slowing down the device. If you are wondering, does McAfee slow down computer? Your antivirus is like any other program which has some system impact. It also uses the RAM of your device. But without antivirus, malware not only slows down the device but also corrupts your various files and functions. Users can install a lightweight antivirus for the system. After installing antivirus on the device, run a scan.  When you use the full scan feature, all threats get removed. Many antivirus programs also provide the junk cleaner feature. After scanning, run the junk cleaner on your device.

Check the background processes

Background processes eat up lots of your RAM cycles. When you are inspecting speed issues on your computer, check for the background processes. If you see the unnecessary processes running in the background then remove all of them. 

  1. On your Windows PC, search for Task Manager
  2. Click on the Processes tab
  3. Users will find all the running processes
  4. Remove all the processes which are you don’t need
  5. Now click on the Startup tab
  6. Here you will find the processes which are starts which the system

Disable the processes which you don’t require on the startup. After removing the unnecessary background processes from the system; your crucial programs will get more RAM cycles which increase your processing speed.

Increase free disk space on the system

The hard disk space also affects the device’s speed. Every program requires some amount of free hard-disk space for processing. When the disk space on your device is very low; the system will start lagging. Increasing the hard disk space is a critical technique for increasing the system’s speed. Users can use the external HDD or add SSD. The user can transfer some files on his external HDD and remove them from the disk. It will increase the free space. Adding an SSD is also a good method for increasing the space on your computer.

Remove third-party programs from the device

Users often install third-party or pirated programs on the system. Some programs are too costly; people start installing the pirated version for cost-cutting. These programs provide you with the tools but can also harm the device. If they are giving you the program for free access; you are giving your personal information. These programs not only make the system slow but also steal your information. People often use third-party editing and gaming programs. You should open your device and inspect for all third-party programs. Tap the software and hit the uninstall button. After uninstalling those programs, remove all related files and restart the computer.

Update your OS and programs

Updating the system and programs not only increases the speed but is also necessary for smooth functioning and security. The user should always keep his OS updated. After updating the operating system, you should also check for the programs and drivers. Outdated programs can’t work properly. When you update the program, you may get new functions. You should keep the programs on auto-update so whenever the update arrives; it will install automatically. After updating, don’t forget to restart the device to apply new changes to the system.


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