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6 Mobile Apps to Utilize for Effective Communication in Businesses

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A communication snag could make or break a business.

Believe it or not, a survey of 400 companies with 100 000 employees cited an average loss of $62.4 million each year due to inadequate communication (Reported by David Grossman in “The Cost of Poor Communication).

Indeed, miscommunication could be a messy affair for corporate entities.

Take the example of Nike, one of the most profitable apparel brands. Female employees of the Company spoke about its male-dominated culture and blatant discrimination in 2018. Apart from demonstrating its stereotypical environment, this incident was a vivid example of miscommunication.

Some examples of internal communication that went wrong in this case included the following:

  • There were insufficient methods of bottom-up communication
  • The leaders were unaware of employees’ issues
  • It took a random survey by a group of employees to highlight this toxicity

Nike took extraordinary steps to fix these problems. This brings us to the whole point of today’s discussion – how can companies use modern tools to improve communication?

God bless the developers’ world; we have highly effective digital tools to put a Band-Aid on the past wounds and revive our communication channels.

Here are some of the mobile apps you can use to improve business communication:

  • Slack

Slack has turned into the most popular business communication app for millions of people across the world. Whether a project management company or a digital office, workplaces increasingly adopt Slack because it allows flawless team communication.

You can create custom channels to discuss topics related to specific genres. It also allows you to send private messages for one-to-one communication with a few co-workers. One setback of this app is its constant notification system which could be distracting for the users.

Slack creates a more exciting environment as compared to other business communication apps. The user interface of this app is also quite simple for beginners and tech noobs. Not to mention, the developers are working hard to create a competitive edge in this product by launching new upgrades time and again.

Even if you use the free version of Slack, there is no need to install Adblocker apps to ensure smooth functioning.

  • Trello

Trello makes it easy for business managers to handle work on the go. It has a familiar drag-and-drop Kanban-style task management interface that helps everyone on the team visualize progress through the timeline. Once you start with the app, you can create different boards with cards having task details.

It keeps the whole team in a loop, allowing them to follow the ongoing tasks through various stages. The automation bot of Trello, called Butler, makes setting up desired actions easier than ever.

From moving cards in columns and notifying team members – there are plenty of features to save time and help you get done more in less time.

All tasks support surplus features like labels, checkboxes, file uploads, and comments. This is to facilitate constant communication between the workers. Also, it gets even better if you integrate Trello with Slack or any other chat platform.

  • Wrike

Wrike helps the teams to manage projects and ongoing work simultaneously. Despite its huge assortment of features, this app is easy-to-use and makes complex tasks simpler for the users. The end-to-end solution carries the projects from initial requests to tracking their progress and result reports.

The team leads get an efficient tool to collect and organize project requirements. They can also visualize schedules on a Gantt chart and create full-fledged project plans. Its custom report builder helps users to slice project data to present outcomes to the executives.

Most recently, the app got some intelligence features that gear it up with better options. For example, it helps users predict when a project is at risk of failure and calls attention to possible reasons.

Following are a few perks of Wrike you should have on your fingertips when making your final call for a communication app:

  • Better team collabs
  • Creates a real-time workspace
  • Offers advanced security
  • Provides over 30 integration options

Wrike offers multiple payment plans. So, we suggest you get in touch with the Company to pick the best package for your workplace.

  • Troop Messenger

Troop Messenger is an easy-to-use office messaging tool with a seamless user interface. The features of this app are well-crafted to make the learning curve simpler for novice users. Its amazing features and high-end security, similar to airG scam free apps, make it look taller in the market. This encrypted group chat application can take your business communication to a whole new level.

Some advantages of using Troop Messenger for workplace communication are:

  • Easy to communicate with co-workers, despite their location
  • Enables effective knowledge transfer by sharing contacts and multimedia
  • Enhances professional profile by creating a strong relationship among team members

This app allows teams to stay connected round the clock across Linux, Android, iOS, and macOS. It provides the delivery options of Custom App, APIs, and Self-hosting to serve diverse industry requirements.

  • Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams welcomes you to a feature galore!

It is an incredible communication tool if your organization uses multiple Microsoft tools. It also holds top ranks in the list of best video conferencing apps. Although it serves various organizations, Teams is designed to support large-scale companies (having up to 10 000 users).

It plays well with the whole ecosystem of Microsoft and syncs with several non-Microsoft products too. This saves time to switch between tools. Overall, it offers everything you would expect from a mature product, including whiteboarding, screen sharing, virtual backgrounds, and the ability to pin participants on the main view.

Teams has a strong background of standing up to low-quality network connections. It allows a rigorous use of screen and video sharing despite the disturbing quality of the Internet. For its paid version, Microsoft promises a 99.9% uptime rate.

  • StaffConnect

StaffConnect delivers a powerful employee engagement tool that transforms the ordinary employee experience into an extraordinary one. It allows enterprises to connect, engage, and communicate with their entire workforce.

It was founded in 2016 and gained massive popularity over the years. It gives voice to the employees, with access to the user-generated content that will increase loyalty and productivity. The cloud-hosted platform enlightens employers with analytics and content. They can use this data to deepen engagement with stakeholder groups.

StaffConnect has an incredible number of solutions, some of which are personalized and tailored to users’ needs:

  • Training
  • Engagement Metrics
  • Team Building
  • Internal Communications
  • Mobile Team Management

This tool has produced effective outcomes for offices with a remote work environment. Whether there are offices in London or San Francisco, the platform and domain expertise of StaffConnect supports a vast number of businesses around the world.

Parting Notes

The word communication holds a lot more than casual chit-chat between workers. Instead, it goes deep down to ensure tasks aren’t delayed, and workplace policies are clear to all stakeholders.

One misstep in the communication setup could wreak havoc. There are different examples in the past where miscommunication created a huge gap and caused companies to shatter. By now, we hope you understand how strong communication is essential to maintain a strong footing in the corporate landscape. Don’t forget to tell us which communication app you pick for your business!


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