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6 Ideas to Make your Branded Packaging More Effective

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While the products you manufacture or distribute are the most important factor in determining the brand’s success, branded packaging can have a huge impact on whether the customers will purchase from your brand or not.

No matter how slick you think your packaging looks, there is always room for improvement!

Surveys reveal that over 90,000 people search for unboxing videos on YouTube every month. You can just imagine the importance of this hype and how you can imbibe it for your benefit. The figure is enough to give you a strong reason to take your packaging more seriously than before. The building of your brand image involves a lot of departments working productively. One of them is nailing your packaging and its appeal.

Here are 6 important tips that you must follow to improve your branding.

  1. Keep the online and offline marketing consistent

Unified marketing is more effective than confusing customers with verified versions. The compound effect has a bigger impact on the minds of your target buyers. Seeing the same brand logo on the boxes as they do on the other marketing channels, helps to broader your brand recognition. Maintaining consistency will aid the customers to be well aware of how your brand appears and what it stands for. You must have seen all popular brands executing such tactics to remain in the customers’ memories for a long time.

The buyers expect their orders to match their descriptions on your websites. A change in your company logo or color scheme must be reflected off all points of contact whether it is your social media handles, advertising, or box printing.

  1. Enhance generic packaging boxes

Have you ever bought products boxed in unanimous packages? Probably never. This shows the significance of branding that should dominate your boxes. Your products are unique. You know this but the customers may not. How do you inform this effectively? Digital ads can communicate your brand’s value to the viewers but unless your packaging matches that perception, your customers will not give the products much attention.

The more you add components of your brand to the boxes, the more premium your brand will seem. Little touches like adding the brand name to the opening lid and making the logo shine brighter with coatings can all refine the boxes’ look. Getting the packaging aligned with the buyers’ preferences is also a good idea to get noticed faster. For example:

  • Making specific colors part of your brand identity
  • Welcome notes that present the brand logo
  • Educating the customers of your brand’s address and contact info
  • Aligning the digital ads with the packaging theme.
  1. Attach breezy design elements

It is ok to be overwhelmed with your rivals’ packaging. But do not take it as a challenge to over-do it!

A distinct brand image works best to hold onto the buyers’ attention for longer. You do not need extra styling to be in demand. Rather a simpler look can do the trick. An elegant and uncomplicated pattern will be more visible than a visually cluttered one.

Such logos become the defining element of the brand and make it easily recognizable and relatable by your potential buyers. Most veteran brands have designed their branded packaging to be unique but conveniently understandable. Tiny accessories like ribbons, vibrant colors, creative patterns, handles on the top or sides, window cutouts, embossed letters or illustrations, and more can earn you higher respect in your consumer market.

  1. Use reusable materials

The fact is that eco-friendly boxes are no longer just a trend. They have become a necessity for manufacturers. Lack of these could cost you your buyers and loss of sales revenues. Such packaging has become the future of all business activity for all corporations.

More people than ever care about their carbon footprints and want to buy products that care about the environment too. They want to choose brands that share their sensibilities. Hence, if you aim to enhance your profits through a more satisfied customer base, then opting for bio-degradable materials should be your priority.

Your packaging can send this message with minimum effort. Many material choices offer recyclability and reuse elements. Including them within your boxes can elevate your brand’s personality and make it more viable to meet customers’ expectations.

branded packaging

  1. Provide scope for a stronger hold

You must keep your valuable assets i.e., the products as safe as possible. Customers spend their hard-earned incomes on buying items they like and require for varied purposes. Hence, they wish to gain maximum pleasure from them. Customers’ experience of your brand starts with the unpackaging of the items. Make sure that the products are engaging to access and appear in their best condition.

Most brands lose out on business when their customers find their deliveries to be mutated or not fit for use. This discourages them from dwelling in future orders with those brands. You can learn from this to make sure that the boxes are structured properly to protect your products from any harm. Ensuring a happy customer base goes a long way in surviving longer than your peers in the market and dominating your customer choices.

There are many prototype designs you can select from on top of creating custom boxes:

  • Display packaging
  • Pillow boxes
  • Folding cartons
  • Paper packaging
  • Rigid boxes
  • Apparel boxes, and others
  1. Make the finances count

You will probably not have the financial capacity to fund every branding exercise. Picking the right one that offers good returns while not squeezing your resources is the optimum combo that you must attain. Looking into all aspects of marketing can be your sure shot to increased profitability.

These branded packaging boxes help in cost savings and will enable you to obtain a competitive edge to become more productive than your rivals.


The stated tips will impress your customers and lure them into buying your products. Your brand can too get the most market share and can become a brand of choice!


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