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6 Effective ways to get more out of Hair Extension Packaging Boxes

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As a business, it is essential for you to box in hair extension in a creatively designed hair extension packaging box. It is the only way out for providing a unique look and a sense of security to the hair extension products. The aesthetics and functional aspect of the packaging box need to be aligned in a proper way. Giving extra weightage to one of these aspects and disregarding the other will affect the balance. A strict balance between these two parameters must be ensured to get more value out of the packaging box. Let us have a look at how we can design proper packaging that successfully leads to the growth of business sales. 

Provide more strength and durability:

Hair extensions are grooming accessories that are very fragile and need to be packaged in a protective box. The hair extension packaging must be well thought out so that you can better protect these products from various sorts of damages. It should easily withstand the impacts of physical stressors, critical loads, and environmental changes. Compromising on its strength will lead to the damaged items that are not appreciated in the buyer’s circle. To reinforce or strengthen the packaging, it is essential to opt for resistive manufacturing materials like corrugated cardboard. It provides the necessary support to the packaging to not fail or wrinkle down upon exposure to abrasive forces. It also provides the needed resistance against the moisture and humidity-like effects, thus keeping the products preserved. To meet the criterion of stacking capacity, the use of cardboard-made inserts could prove helpful. 

Go for an innovative style:

The style of the packages is a deterministic factor of whether the customers would be responsive towards your hair extensions or not. The unique and charming style is a definite way to hook the attention of people and invite them for a purchase. When the case is opposite, you might end up losing all the worth of your brand for which you struggled so hard. Introduce pull-out sleeves with seals at the top and bottom for an attractive and engaging box style. Or, go for another innovative style like pillow packages or folding boxes having long flaps. The window cut design is also interesting because it permits a direct look at the packaged items. The window can be stylized further in some creative shapes that match the brand theme and bring an increased appeal. The unique styling will help you in standing out from the saturated market. 

Ensure a spacious shelf design:

The retail shelfs are filled with an overwhelming number of product ranges. It is making the process further intricate for the brands to outclass their competitors. Spacious shelf designing is a design hack that appeals to the buyers instantly and compels them to put your product lines into their carts. The idea is to design smart hair extension packaging boxes that take up less space on the shelves as well as ensure a beautiful display. For display, you can choose the same but unique color for all the packages. Such a design brings an instant focus on your products when the customers are exploring the retail shelves. 

Give an aesthetically pleasing design:

The visual aspect or outlook of the hair extensions decide whether they would get attention in the buyer’s circle or not. The visual elements of a design like colors, images, illustrations, patterns all add together to provide an aesthetic appeal. It is not pertinent to choose some high-impact visuals. Simplicity can pay off as well. The simple design keeps the visual elements in line while making the information understandable. It is, therefore, necessary to get rid of funky graphics, colors with audacity, and irrelevant fonts. Otherwise, they can fire back, and you may face the customers’ backlash, which is not good for the growth of your business. Finishing tactics like logo theme embossed styling can also be employed for introducing decency in the design. For an added touch of luxury to your hair extensions, you can go for the silver or gold foiling too. 

Never ignore tactile impression:

Just like the visual appeal is significant, the tactile feel needs to be revolutionize as well. The texture or tactile feel of the packages has a powerful influence on the perceived quality of your items. Poor craftsmanship can lead to the devaluation of your products, and they might be render as low-quality items. To improve the final effect of the packaging texture, techniques like embossing and debossing are of great help. They can introduce a new dimension to your packaging, thus making the customer experiences even stand out. Soft-touch and other similar textural coatings can also affect the craftsmanship and feel of the packages. Along with a tactile touch, they bring a premium feel as well that develops the interest of clients in your items. 

Keep the customers informed:

The fact that the extensive product detailing makes the buyers bored does not mean that information delivery is not important. It is just that the clients want to see some engaging content to bring your product into their consideration. While communicating with the audience, make sure the presented information is short and concise. Only the important points need to be convey so as to not lose the interest of the targeted audience. The credibility of the information must also be maintain as you might think of misrepresenting the data. It may procure you sales for one time, but it never helps in making a loyal customer base. So, portray the exact and true details regarding your items and brand so that you can earn customer confidence. 

Hair extension packaging box proposes an added value to your business that you might not even think of. But, this potential can be tapp only when you design it in an impeccable manner. Ranging from the material selection to texture and stylized versions, everything needs to be distinctive and top-class. 


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