6 Career Options That Pay Well If You Have An MBA

As the job market becomes increasingly competitive, many people are turning to higher education to gain an edge over other candidates for the same roles. One degree that has consistently shown to pay off is a Master of Business Administration (MBA).

An MBA is a graduate degree that focuses on building an understanding of business management and administration. Accounting, finance, marketing, HR management, and corporate strategy are some of the areas of business management students learn during an MBA. It has become popular over the past few decades and opens up several lucrative opportunities for young and senior-level professionals.

Is an MBA worth the investment?

Earning an MBA can offer a significant return on investment, with graduates enjoying high salaries and plentiful job opportunities in management. According to Graduate Management Admission Council, the median base salary for MBA graduates in the United States is $105,000; some top earners can even make seven figures. The demand for management roles is also high and is expected to increase by 9% by 2030. Another survey by GMAC concluded that 84% of prospective students agreed that a graduate business degree distinguishes them from their employers.

Can’t attend on-campus classes? Online programs might be the solution you need

Earning an MBA can open up several opportunities, but finding the time to attend a traditional, in-person program can be challenging, especially for full-time professionals. That’s where online MBA programs come in. Distance learning offers the flexibility to earn your degree from anywhere in the world.

Many prestigious universities offer high-quality online MBA programs, including some in Missouri. Online MBA programs in Missouri are accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) and equip students with the knowledge and skills to thrive in today’s dynamic business landscape.

Top career options for an MBA graduate

MBA grads have access to diverse and lucrative opportunities across different industries. Here are some options for you to consider:

1- Management consultant

Consultants are hired across various industries, from healthcare to finance and technology, to identify areas of improvement and solve complex problems, making it an excellent career choice for those with an MBA. Management consultants use their business knowledge and analytical skills to help companies enhance performance and profitability. They work with managers and leaders to identify goals and challenges and develop customized solutions for complex business problems. According to PayScale, management consultants can earn $78,000 – $175,000 per year.

2- Investment banker

As an investment banker, you’ll analyze complex financial data to help clients make informed decisions. Investment banking is a financially rewarding career option for MBA grads, but it requires dedication, hard work, and perseverance to succeed. You are better off selecting an MBA program with a concentration in finance if you want to make it big as an investment banker.

3- Marketing manager

Marketing managers are responsible for developing and implementing marketing plans and campaigns to promote products or services to potential customers. An MBA degree can help you acquire the knowledge and skills needed to excel in this role, including the ability to analyze market trends, identify the target audience, and use the right marketing channels to generate the best results and return on investment. If you are a creative individual, this is definitely your cuppa. The compensation for marketing managers is lucrative, and salaries can vary based on experience, company size, and industry. Expect to earn close to $134,000 annually.

4- Operations manager

Operations managers are responsible for ensuring a company’s seamless and efficient functioning. They manage staff, oversee production processes, and optimize the use of resources while ensuring quality control. This job demands strong analytical and communication skills and a thorough understanding of business operations, and an MBA is an ideal qualification to help you gain the required know-how. A solid foundation in management, finance, marketing, and operations management will help you thrive in this role. The median annual salary for an operations manager is approximately $100,000.

5- Financial manager

As a financial manager, you’ll collaborate with teams in the company to create financial strategies, manage cash flow, and analyze financial performance. You’ll prepare financial statements, develop budgets, and forecast performance while maintaining the bottom line and ensuring compliance with regulations. Success in this role requires analytical and strategic thinking, leadership, and communication skills, besides a thorough understanding of business finance. A financial manager with an MBA can earn a median salary of $134,000 annually.

6- Project manager

MBA grads are trained to identify project risks and implement effective measures to counter them, making them ideal candidates for the role of project manager. Their financial know-how allows them to ensure projects stay within budget while delivering desired outcomes. In addition, MBA graduates also gain valuable leadership and communication skills necessary for managing diverse teams and keeping stakeholders informed. Project managers can earn up to $80,000 per year; however, with more experience, they can earn even more.


The business world is evolving, and employers are always on the lookout for professionals with advanced skills and expertise. Pursuing an MBA degree can open up a world of possibilities for career advancement and earning potential. Whether you aspire to become a financial analyst or a project manager, an MBA can equip you with the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to succeed in these roles and beyond. So don’t waste time and get an MBA now; it’ll be worth your time and money.

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