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6 Best Ways to Buy Wedding Gown Online

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Brides’ dresses in India cost too much, and buying a wedding gown is a significant expense. Bridal wear or bridal lehengas are high-priced. Therefore, you need to set a budget. If you are shopping for your bridal gowns online, you have to think about the budget.

However, if you have a reasonable or low wedding budget, you will think twice while spending your money on your wedding gowns online. Presently, there are so many options as compared to the previous times. All thanks to the online platform, which has given us numerous options for online gown shopping.

We’ve covered everything for you here; you will get A-list designers, who have the best collection for brides, rental price, policies, check out retailers rather than boutique, custom made.

There are a fantastic collection of dresses in ready-made gowns online, wedding gowns online, party wear gowns for women, and so many more. In addition, you need to follow some ways to buy designer gowns online; check out this article for such ways.

1. Buy the rented dress

Why waste money on something which you have to wear once at your wedding. It would be best if you went to buy wedding gowns online on rent. However, if you have a local service, then you can look out for their online service. They can send you the dress online, and after using it, you can ship it back to the owner again. Prices of the Indian wedding dresses online depend upon the store’s location, whether the store is far away from you or near you.

With the rented dress you don’t have to worry about cleaning it and store that expensive dress. Instead, make sure to contact a rental bridal dress service that will send your wedding dress online at your doorstep and will ship back the dress without any charges. In some cases, you have to pay 50% of the payment in advance, and in some cases, you have to pay the whole price.

2. Check out Retailers 

For the best wedding dress, you have to visit a boutique where you will get some new inventions and costs. However, some of the retailer’s dress sellers have their wedding lines where you will get the cost of the dress lower than that of the boutiques.

The possibility is that retailers might not have so much variety as compared to traditional boutiques. But if the bride wants budget-friendly wedding gowns online and wants to spend her money on much better things than going to a high-priced boutique. Because retailer dresses are produced in abundance and therefore use low-cost fabric than the boutiques.

3. Go for the Second-Hand dresses

Any bride wears a wedding dress only once in a lifetime, so why would you spend a premium price for that wedding dress you have worn for six to nine hours. You will get a ready-made gown for a fantastic party for 50% or more than the MRP price when you buy a secondhand dress.

Moreover, you can also look for an Indian wedding dress in the local market, which provides online service, or in secondhand shops. The most significant option is you will get it online.

When you search online and are confused about which one you should select, you go for the shops near your house. Also, take care of your size when selecting your wedding dress.

Make sure to read all the details carefully as you are purchasing the dress for your wedding and it is a big event for you. Then, go shopping in those professionally cleaned stores, and dresses are stored in boxes or clean closets.

4. Custom Made dress

While hearing the word custom-made, you might be thinking that it is costly. But no, a custom-made dress sounds very expensive but it is not. As the local tailors don’t have the profit between the producer and retailer, you only have to pay for the fabric, decorations, and the dressmaker time and experts.

Also, you can search for a dressmaker before your wedding who is good enough and will take the risk of making your wedding gown, but you can try out the online site for your customized gown.

Numerous tailors designs are available online, so you can easily send your measurements to have a customized dress that fits your body entirely for your wedding.

Before handing over your dress to the dressmaker:

  1. Check their feedback and pay that seller.
  2. Check out its ratings or their past work and make sure that they have happy customers.
  3. Make sure that about the time they will give you your dress before the wedding.

Boutiques will take around 6-7 months, while dressmakers will do it quickly. So, discuss the time before giving the dress to the private seller.

5. Be Simple

When it comes to wedding dresses, more decoration means the more expensive the dress is going to be. However, if you are an embellisher or decorator, you are lucky enough as you can save a lot of money by shopping for wedding gowns online, which are casual and simple.

When you visit the boutique for the first time, explain all the details of your party wear gowns that you think are easy, classic styles, and have a very affordable budget. It will help you reduce the absolute number of gowns that work for you, clarify the method, and help you get the best gown. Look for wedding gowns made up of single fabric like silk, chiffon, etc., and have lesser decoration on them. Having pearls, stones, lace decorations on the dress makes it costlier.

You can add some of the low-cost embellishments to your dress; therefore, your dress will look amazing after that. Selecting a more simple gown to do heavy work will save you a lot of money without compromising your unique and alluring bride look.

6. Shop off Season

It is the primary technique for shopping for a dress whether you are buying it for a wedding, winter season, summer season, or any other occasion as dress price is low when you buy it in the off-season. You will get at a lower price in the off-season, like summer or autumn, like winter coats and wedding gowns online. 

Therefore, you can get good deals while shopping in off-season sales. Most stores clear out their old dresses in these sales only to make space for the new dresses. For example, in the winter month, you will get the sleeveless dresses on sale quickly.

Do remember that you will get lots of time when ordering and giving your dress for alterations if required. You will get a good deal in the off-season, but if you plan to do the shopping in the season, you’re losing it. Always take a margin of 6-12 weeks when ordering your wedding dress online.

Final Words

A wedding is a big event for the couple; therefore, you need to save money so that you both will not get in debt. So rather than investing your money in a one-time dress, make sure to invest it in buying something profitable like buying a new home.

However, every bride’s dream is to look best on their wedding day and look gorgeous and elegant. Try out these ways given above. It will take time but will save you a lot of money.
Fortunately, now you don’t have to rely entirely on a bridal boutique; you can also go for the private dressmaker and complete your wedding look. Find out your other options and get fabulous Indian wedding dresses online, and that too in your budget.


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