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6 Best Popcorn Packaging Types

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The presence of the popcorn boxes filled with salty popcorns always brings a feeling of happiness and excitement over the entertainment events. They are famous as movie snacks and therefore are designed in a way to entice the people. The thin sheets of cardboard are widely used to manufacture them. Moreover, the kraft paper stock and bux board are also popular materials in this regard. Businesses having a setup of popcorn can get them in different designs and sizes to offer the desired amount of popcorns to the customers. Printing them with attractive patterns entices the people gathered over the events like weddings or in the cinema. Display of the brand information also benefits the businesses in getting more sales. Printing attractive images establish an emotional attachment between loved ones. Their highly cost-effective rates allow businesses of any size to use them for popcorn servings.

It is a common practice to have popcorns during a movie in the cinema, at a wedding, or on a road trip with friends. Hence, they are a symbol of joy and love. Businesses use the different types of popcorn boxes for separate themes as it impacts the behavior of people eating them. All of these types have separate features and physical structures. Let’s know about the 6 best and most known popcorn packaging types. 

1.   Round Popcorn Cups 

These custom popcorn boxeshave a completely round structure and are pretty famous among people. They are more common for having these snacks while going on road trips or spending a holiday at the beach. A thick sheet of cardboard is used to manufacture them for the perseverance of temperature for longer durations. They have the shape of a round cup and are very convenient to carry. Businesses selling these snacks can get them in different sizes to provide an option to consumers regarding the quantity. Leak-proof sides and base allow the buttery topping. Many packaging firms also allow custom printing to have a desired color and text to entice the people. Yellow as a standard color is usually preferred for them as it makes the people irresistible to buy them. 

2.   Popcorn Cone Holders

You might have heard about the conical-shaped packaging for this snack. It has the shape of a cone and comes in different sizes. These popcorn boxes UKhave become quite common in all regions of the world because of their quick assembling. Moreover, the costs incurred on getting them are also extremely low as there is no excessive usage of the adhesives or other paper material. It is a perfect option to target the customers that needs less of these snacks. People can easily carry them even with one hand. So, they can perform other operations as well while eating their favorite popcorns. Moreover, they are easy to get disposed of after their primary usage.

3.   Boxes with a See-Through Window

These snacks are not only sold in the cinemas or at other open places but are also available in retail stores. It is not easy to get the attention of people toward any product. Some retailers also prefer placing the filled snacks in the machines. In contrast, others use popcorn boxes UKwith the closed lids. So, this packaging type is incorporated with a window cut-out from which people can easily see them. Various brands also use transparent plastic packaging for this purpose, but it does not comply with eco-friendly practices. Getting them in the cardboard is a perfect option as it is known as a safe material for the environment. Moreover, it does not leave any toxins in these filled snacks.

4.   A Box with the Multiple Sections

There are various popular flavors of popcorns across the world, like classic butter and salt or white cheddar. Everyone has a separate taste and likeness in this regard. Therefore, the packaging firms have created a solution to minimize the use of separate boxes for having different flavors. A box with the different sections reduces the costs of the businesses as they can fill the desired flavors in every section. These sections can reach up to four compartments or according to the needs. They have become quite famous among the customers as well because they do not have to carry so much in their hands. So, collectively it is equally beneficial for the consumers and the businesses. 

5.   Popcorn Buckets with Handles

Most of the types of custom popcorn boxescome without the use of handles. This practice is common for having these snacks for individuals or couples. However, a pair of handles becomes essential for a family bucket full of these flavored snacks maize snacks. It helps people carrying the bucket with ease while having the other items in their hands as well. Providing such carrying ease to customers is an effective tactic to boost the sales volumes as people will spend more on getting this ease. Usually, a lid is also provided along it to cover the snacks from environmental conditions like dust. It also makes them a perfect option for picnic parties. 

6.   Rectangular Box with the Open Top

This packaging type is more common in cinemas. People love to have one filled with popcorns while watching movies or other entertainment shows. Their rectangular shape has become the identity of this business. Usually, their base is narrow, but they have a wide size at the top. Cardboard is crafted with the zig-zag design over the top. Moreover, the same designs are also printed over the rest of the physical structure. They have an open-top without any lid. People can also get them in the plane condition without any pattern. Displaying the brand information can aid the businesses in getting recognized by a wide customer base.

On the whole, all these types of popcorn boxes are completely sustainable in nature and possess no harm to the environment. They keep the snacks hot and fresh for longer durations for everlasting fun. Businesses can get all of their desired types according to their choice in terms of colors, sizes, or design patterns.


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