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6 Best Places To Get Liquor From

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With the COVID-19 pandemic creating havoc globally, medical experts suggest that the best way to contain it and stay safe is remaining indoors. This means no alcohol consumption since, well, you’ll need to leave your house to get some- right? Not exactly. Technology has gifted us the privilege of ordering alcohol online. Not only is this method easier, but it’s convenient as well. However, please note that you’ll have to visit the best online liquor stores for the best online shopping experience.

Which liquor stores near me open? The article below provides you with these details as well as other valuable pieces of information. Keep reading for more.

What are the Benefits of Drinking Alcohol?

Yes, alcohol is beneficial when taken in moderate amounts. Interestingly, average liquor consumption may have substantial health benefits. As per the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, tolerable alcohol use means having at least one drink daily for women and approximately two drinks every day.

This definition is citing the quantity taken on any one day and isn’t planned as a midpoint over several days. So, which are the health benefits of liquor consumption?

  • It may lengthen your life and elevate your libido levels.
  • There may be lower risk of developing dementia and diabetes.
  • It may lower your probability of cardiovascular disease.
  • Decrease in the chances of gallstones.
  • It may assist in preventing the common cold.

Tips on Shopping for Liquor Online

It may seem obvious, but people realize the power of the internet, and some individuals are looking to prey on unsuspecting shoppers and rob them of their hard-earned money.

Here are some tips you should follow to ensure that you’re safe as you purchase alcohol online and that you’re getting value for your money:

  • Learn your rights and the organization’s returns policy.
  • Practice wisdom. If a deal seems too good to be real, chances are it is.
  • Investigate distributors online to ensure they’re legitimate.
  • Always pay using a credit card. This way, you’re cushioned.
  • Ensure that your website is safe.
  • Never use public Wi-Fi. Your data connection is safer.
  • Keep virus and software protection up-to-date and use robust passwords for all online accounts.

Ideal Places to Purchase Liquor

The online liquor stores in this list stand out from the rest since apart from granting you a quick way to get some liquor, they can deliver it right to your doorstep. Which are they?

1. Drizly                            

Established in 2012 by Spencer Frazier, Nick Rellas, and Justin Robinson, Drizly is among the largest online marketplaces for alcohol in North America. The technology company partners with local liquor discounters to bring their catalog to your fingertips. You can use your web browser or download the Drizly application to your smartphone (Android and iOS) to get your preferred liquor, wine, or beer delivered to your doorstep.


      2. Flaviar

Founded in 2012 by Jugoslav Petkovic and Grisa Soba, Flaviar is a famous new alcohol subscription society that consigns liquor bottles and other spirits straight to your door. It’s based on a quarterly subscription. You register for either a quarter at a time or the entire year.

It costs:

  • $95 for every quarter (3 months) split into three payments of $31.67 every month.
  • $300 for every year, fractionated into 12 payments of $25 each month.


      3. Craft City

Craft City’s website has a vast selection of available beers (over 2,000 choices). It also allows you to browse both style and brewery and select shipping methods apart from the ground. Additionally, the online store provides multiple shipping options, with the ground being the least expensive.

      4. Saucey

Created in 2013 by Chris Vaughn, Daniel Leeb, and Andrew Zeck, Saucey is an alcohol delivery service that provides delivery to Chicago, Los Angeles, Sacramento, and San Francisco. As a client, you can choose an array of alcoholic drinks, including liquor, cigars, and snacks, from the website or app. You’ve got to browse, add items to your cart from the website, check out, and anticipate liquor delivered to your doorstep within an hour.

This all requires that you make an account and fill in your credit card information.


      5. Liquor Barn

Liquor Barn took off in 1982 and, since then, has been growing into a successful and popular liquor store both online and in the tri-state area. The store has over 3,000 wines to select from and 4,000 various spirits. Plus, it has a knowledgeable team of category professionals who can help you locate the best drink for your function.

      6. Liquormart

Liquormart has made a name for itself by adding different barware and mixers to put an exciting twist on your drinking experience. You’ll find still and sparkling water, sodas, mixers for any drink idea, pre-mixed cocktails, non-alcoholic wine and beer, and other components to create that soothing cocktail.

The online store also has a party organizer service to assist in planning and to sort your memorable event details.



You can still enjoy your favorite liquor even during this coronavirus menace. As is evident above, there are plenty of online liquor stores available for your purchasing pleasure. Please drink responsibly and do the necessary research before settling for a specific store. A cool refreshing drink is just a click or taps away. Cheers!


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