6 Best Computer Screen Recording Apps

May peace be upon you. Today, we will discuss the best computer screen recording application and the best computer screen recording website.

Currently, many people are searching for the easiest computer screen recording app to do a screen recording on the computer. As a result, we recommend using the easiest application to record the computer screen in this article.

Curious about the apps we recommend? Well, let’s just read this article.

1. Windows 10 Xbox Game Bar

Are you a Windows 10 user but don’t know and still feel confused about how to record screen using which application? So try this app that we recommend. It is Windows 10 Xbox Game Bar.

This app also has its advantages. You know, the advantage is that it has a DVR. It can make the quality of the recorded video results more smooth. You can use this application with files less capacity.

2. RecordCast Free Online Screen Recorder

What’s even simpler is RecordCast free online screen recorder, guys. You can run this lightweight tool on your computer monitor. Record application comes from the Internet. This app is extremely recommended for those who simply want to record a computer screen.

If you want to record your computer screen with this app, you can just go to visit the official RecordCast website. Besides, it offers a robust video editor as well.

3. Bandicam

This app also has so many completely complete features that there is no time limit to record. However, you can only utilize this feature if you have downloaded the registered version of Bandicam.

Well, to get and use the Bandicam app, you need to install Bandicam and register the app from bandicam.com guys.

4. IceCream Screen Recorder

IceCream Screen Recorder is no surprise one of the best computer screen recording apps with a very friendly and simple appearance. However, the very unfortunate thing is that you can only record for a short duration, which is 10 minutes.

5. Flashback Express

If you need to record games or snapshots from a webcam, you can really use Flashback Express. With a very good interface, multiple options for output format and a built-in video editor, the app could be the right choice.

This free version of Flashback Express allegedly doesn’t leave a watermark that corrupts a file. Unlike the complex OBS Studio screen recorder app, it is much easier. So even beginners can understand it easily.

6. VLC Media Player

Now at the end of this, there is VLC Media Player. Many people do not know that this screen recording app. This usual app you know is for video playback. You can use it most often on Windows computers.

This capacity has a small file but having many features. One of the favorite things about this app is that it can also be a computer screen record for Windows 7. This is the recommendation of the easiest computer screen recording app at this time.

Do you have any other suggestions besides the tools above? Or have you used them? Leave a comment below.

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