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6 Benefits of Developing Cloud Native Application on AWS

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Nowadays the world is witnessing a transformation where huge technologies are gaining traction and the demand for cloud-based services is rising by each day. Some of the old enterprises are upgrading their old enterprise solution and some enterprises are using cloud applications only for their upcoming projects.

There are various web service providers, but AWS is leading among them. Amazon.com which is the biggest retail player in the world currently has a separate division that caters to the web services and cloud infrastructure and is known by the name Amazon Web Services (AWS). Many enterprises are investing and hiring AWS developers and using their services to the full potential to get the maximum benefit.

How does AWS come into existence?

-There is a known saying that necessity is the mother of Invention and it was only the basis of the inception of AWS. Amazon faced certain issues related to the scalability of its eCommerce infrastructure. And this led to the development of Amazon Web Services.

-It became that successful that by the end of 2019, the AWS division alone contributed to one-third revenue of the industry. IT was developed as a requirement by Amazon and now it is leading the industry with its unmatchable services and is used by all scale of businesses. So, one should always hire AWS developers to get the best results.

The characteristics of Cloud-based applications are given below:

Cloud-based applications are developed using modern technologies like microservices, containers (like Kubernetes and Docker), Cloud platforms (Azure, Aws, GCP), DevOps. Agile Methodology is also followed for the development.

Continuous integration and delivery process

It is built over the stack-based architecture

Benefits of developing Cloud-Native Application on AWS:

1)Ease of use

There is comfort in using the AWS as it is designed in such a way that allows the application provider and vendors to quickly host the applications securely, be it the new SaaS-based app or the existing application.

A well-documented Application Programming Interface (APIs) can be used to access the application hosting platform of AWS.

2) Highly Flexible

AWS is highly flexible and gives the freedom to select any of the programming language, web application platform, operating system, database, and what other services you require.

AWS helps to create a virtual environment that allows you to load the software and other services as per your requirement.

This helps to preserve the options for developing new solutions and migrating pre-existing applications.

It provides the flexibility to choose the set of applications to get a comfortable environment for development.

Shifting from the old and conventional enterprise solutions to cloud-based solutions can be very impactful on the business but the flexibility helps in easy adaptability of the changes.

3)Economic and cost-effective.

Organizations save huge expenditure on the software and hardware by utilizing the AWS services. A big set up of data center is made available by the service provider which again saves a lot of money.If one calculates, then one only has to pay for the computer power and storage devices and other resources with no long-term bond.

AWS economic center provides a well-defined comparison between the expenditure required for cloud services by AWS and other services providers.

As per a study, it is found that the companies who possess the servers in their premises, stay idle for approx. 30% of the total time. Despite that, the organizations must spend time to maintain the whole infrastructure in working condition.

And the cloud services completely eradicate these costs. Some of the features of AWS like auto-scaling and elastic load balancing contributes to managing the consumption of resources and ensure the 24×7 presence of the AWS infrastructure.

AWS follows the pay-per-use model thus one has to pay as per the number of resources used by them.

Multitenancy is also offered by AWS which helps the applications to use the same set of resources.


AWS provides a scalable and reliable global computing infrastructure and is considered as a virtual backbone of the huge business of Amazon.com.

As AWS is built in the containerized microservices, thus it makes the migration of applications very easy over the cloud.

Different business functionalities are built on the independent microservices which are coupled very loosely, so in case of any problem, the respective containers can be removed easily. This makes cloud services more reliable than anyone.

AWS has a very solid backup with the global infrastructure, they are already present in five continents and this enables them to give 100% undisturbed and smooth performance. So, even if the facility fails in a particular location, the whole system automatically gets shifted to the next closest location and runs very smoothly.


To have a very tightly secure and strict atmosphere, AWS follows an end-to-end approach.

AWS is known for using unique security tools whose alternates are not even available in the market at cheaper rates.

These tools can be very easily implemented in any IT environment and that makes the data more safe and secure.

6) High-performing and scalable Application.

The two tools of AWS which are Elastic load Balancing and Auto-Scaling helps in scaling the application very easily from up to down and vice versa.

Apart from that Amazon has very big support in the form of infrastructure, thus one can easily access their data whenever they want to and from any of the remote locations as well.

The business firm here saves a lot in form of finances as well as resources who would be engaged in building and maintain the infrastructure.

The utility of AWS: 

1)It can be used to store important data and offers different types of storage which helps the businessperson to easily take the decision. It supports archiving for a longer duration and handles the criticality of business and services.

2)AWS support in developing, launching, AWS supports scalable storage which helps in running the high-frequency analytics.

3)Running gaming is one of the applications which requires a lot of computing power. It helps gamers to get the best online experience across the world.

4)The business organization can host their business on the cloud as well. One can also host domain, CDNs, DNS, etc.


The above points make it clear that AWS has multiple advantages and its smooth-running features have given wings to the businesses to bloom. The above features also state that how the cloud services are so reliable these days as well as in the coming future.

Amazon AWS web development services allow the users to use its services effectively and that too without major financial investment, they just need to pay for what they use. Thus, many businesses have already adopted and the newcomers should go for AWS.


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