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5 Ways You Can Use Video Editing Software To Grow Your Brand

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When we talk about businesses or brands, growth is an extremely important objective that has to be achieved which demands customer loyalty and interest. And, what better way there is than to visually appeal and connect with your audience?! 

Video content is king, without exaggeration. As the world transforms into a digital phenomenon, videos are becoming the most interactive and lucrative ways to connect with people globally. With each passing day, creating and sharing visual content is gaining popularity. Based on a marketing report by Wyzowl, almost 85% of firms are involved in video marketing due to the immense benefits it offers such as increased web traffic as well as sales. 

However, to successfully master the art of video marketing so it helps you grow your brand, you need to have sound knowledge of the different ways the various video editing tools can be used. This trend is here to stay, trust me, so you should be well-versed in this field.

So, without further delay, let’s start!

#1 Begin a Video Blog

Vlogs are the content of the moment. Immensely rewarding and worthwhile. Initiating a video blog can help you connect with an audience on a large scale. Email and content marketing are great, but vlogging has its own niche which can assist you in reaching a completely new and different set of audience.

Did you know? Youtube has over 2 billion users that are approximately one-third of the Internet. Imagine the reach of an online video. Moreover, the integration of finely crafted written content with embedded videos in a typical blog can result in an astonishingly high user interaction as well as improved SEO for your brand. 

#2 Create Screencasts & Tutorials

There are various categories of video content such as educational, product reviews, or animated promotional videos, but the best ones to begin with are screencasting and explainer videos. Simply put, screencasting is another name for screen recording your computer screen, normally accompanied by a voiceover or music. 

Screencasts are typically used for creating tutorials or instructional videos, training videos, and recorded presentations. Screencasting your tutorials is an exceptional way to grow and establish your brand, all you need to be sure about is your niche and the frequent issues they face that center around your business. 

Solve those problems by creating a tutorial video by guiding them step-by-step. This content is immensely vital to the brand’s audience and helps establish brand awareness simultaneously. More impressively, explainer videos are known to be the top content performers and can be strongly effective in strengthening the customer base. 

Based on a video marketing study, 96% of people have watched tutorials to learn more about a product or service. Now, that’s a huge incentive to indulge in such a video content for your brand. 

#3 Make Use Of Slideshows

Slideshow video is another interesting way to promote your brand and showcase to the world what it has to offer. It has the power to effectively and swiftly capture viewers’ attention and reinforce the key message while highlighting your business and its products. 

With the help of the right kind of tools, your slideshows can have it all: captions, audio narration, music, filters, smooth transitions, and much more! Moreover, if you need assistance with graphic designing, there exist several pre-designed templates at your service. Because slideshows do not contain detailed information, they can convey stories quickly while leaving a lasting impression. 

#4 Product Demonstration Videos

A product demo video, as the name suggests, demonstrates how your product works by showing it in action. Such videos are a gripping way to convey your product’s value to potential customers which can speed up buying cycles. With the right tools and little planning, you can create a demo video that’s going to go a long way! Day by day, they are gaining popularity and for the right reasons:

  • Reduces Doubt

It’s normal to be skeptical before the purchase of any product or service and this is why demo videos are here to help. They reduce the lack of trust as you aren’t making an empty field and expecting the customers to believe you- you’re showing them your product’s potential and what exactly it’s offering.

  • Explains Key Features

What’s amazing about demo videos is that they have a to-the-point, logical and conversational way of approaching the audience rather than sounding salesy or sponsored. Not only does it give details about the product’s key features, but allows the marketer to inform its customers of the unique selling point (USP) of it and how useful it can be. 

#5 Insert Videos Directly into Your Website

Search engines are video lovers, which is beneficial for SEO ranking. Visual content propels your customers to spend more time on your website while also providing effective interaction than plain text or pictures. According to techjury, including videos to your landing pages enhances conversions by 86%, hence, they are known to be strong additions to the rest of the website’s content. 

There are multiple ways a video on your page can be useful such as the product pages can display the products being utilized or modeled on a dummy or person. Similarly, the homepage can feature your exclusive collection launch and your “About Us’ tab could include a humorous, light-hearted behind-the-scenes video that shows what all goes behind managing a business. This will give customers a clearer picture of you and your firm in a much better manner. Afterall, in the end, it’s all about interaction and hooking the audience. 


Marketing of a product is a critical stage and it needs to be done in the most effective ways which is where video content plays its part. Videos are the most in-demand and profitable approach to marketing today. There are so many options you can avail of, depending upon the type of business and audience. With the right information, you can use videos in the smartest ways that can help you grow your brand. The success and failure of your video campaign mainly depend on the tools you have at your disposal and how wisely you use them. However, in the end, what truly matters is bringing your wonderful video content to life that benefits your business. 


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