5 ways to promote your nail salons in Fredericton

nail salons fredericton

It is vital to use effective marketing strategies to promote your nail salon. Your advertisements will be more successful if they are more appealing and attention-grabbing. You can turn your nail salon into a success with some of these great ideas.

1-Customer Loyalty Cards

Having punch cards is essential when running a nail salon since not only does it help you attract new clients, but it also helps you keep them loyal. You can keep your customers coming back to you when they need nail services by offering them a customer loyalty card. By printing business cards that provide a special offer redeemable after a certain number of visits (or amount spent), you will make your customers feel appreciated, thus encouraging them to return.

2-Offer Men’s Grooming Services

Nowadays, men’s grooming services have become a booming business, so nail salons aren’t just for the ladies! By promoting or offering exclusive services to men, you can reach a market that has never been reached until now. Advertise these specials on your storefront windows with window clings – they are easy to remove, and you can use them again when the promotion ends.

3-Offer at home services

Get your business to your customers by holding at-home nail parties! Interaction with others always makes you feel good and could make you a great business partner. Consider inviting your best customers to invite their closest friends for a nail party, where they can receive your excellent service in the privacy of their own homes. The equipment you have will obviously not fit in the back of your truck, but a simplified service list will still be enough, which you can advertise by using magnets on your company cars as your employees drive around town.

4-Create Social Presence 

The importance of customer interaction is not just important for businesses with recurring relationships (such as nail salons) but even more important for those businesses with closed-loop processes. Kristen the owner of nail salons Fredericton suggest, tools like social networking sites provide potential customers with a great way to get to know you. Inquire about new promotions and/or services they would like to see, what they like the most about your business, etc. Encourage your clients to contribute to your business by asking what they would like to see.

5-Arrange healthy Competition

Competitions-Creating a competition for the best nail design and selling your nail salon’s competency is part of the sales process. Make sure your customers try out new and exciting designs and take pictures so your clients can look at them and vote for their favorites. Employees (and customers) who win the contest could receive special rewards! Create a banner to hang outside your salon that will promote the competition and draw people inside to cast their votes.

The above are just a few ideas that your nail salon can utilize to create buzz. Customer referrals prove that your business is doing something right, which will ultimately bring in more business. Risking your business could be worth it in the long run, so do whatever it takes to get your salon on the minds of your customers.

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