5 Warning Signs That Your Roof Needs to Be Replaced Immediately

Your roof is probably the most crucial part of your house. If it is suffering from moisture-related issues like mold or leaks, your roofs can become extremely dangerous for your family, or anyone living in the house. As surprising as it may sound, many homeowners neglect proper roofing maintenance and put little or no effort to keep their roofs in a good shape. So, as the roof ages, it becomes weak, unstable and a breeding ground for mold and moss growth. 

That’s why performing thorough roof inspections are important at least every six months or so. Here are five ways to detect the warning signs of a deteriorating roofing system and you need to repair the roof or replace it immediately.

1. Inspect From The Inside

Start your inspection process by checking for leaks from the inside. The first signs of roof damage usually appear inside the attic. So, get a flashlight and look out for any signs of mold or stains in your attic. While you are at it, check if any sunlight is coming through the roof. If you can see the sunbeams, it is a telltale sign that your roofs will leak in the rainy weather. 

2. Look for Damaged Shingles

By just looking at the condition of your shingles, you can determine the condition of your roof to a large extent and know whether your roof is watertight or damaged. You can climb up on your roofs (if you’re experienced) to check your shingles. Look for obvious signs of deterioration like curled or cracked shingles on your rooftop. 

3. Check for Deteriorated Openings

The thin piece of metal around the protrusions like chimneys on your roof is referred to as flashing. It is installed to protect these highly vulnerable areas from water damage to prevent roof leaks.

Look out for any visible signs of damage around your chimneys, vents, and seams. If you notice any kind of damage like cracks, get it replaced immediately by contacting experienced professionals Oxford roofing contractor. For superior protection and longevity, go for metal flashing. 

4. Check for a Sagging Roof

Besides destroying the overall curb appeal of your home, a sagging roof is a serious threat to your family. If left unchecked, a sagging roof could collapse during an extreme weather event. 

Poor ventilation and weakened material are some of the common causes of a sagging roof. Most often, homeowners have to go for complete roof replacement in case of extreme sagging. Therefore, carefully examine the rafting and decking in your attic and look for the signs of rot and moisture damage. Signs of sagging can be usually seen in the lowest parts of your roofs.

5. Look Out For Any Signs of Mold and Moss Growth 

Moss, mold, and other unwanted growth can cause serious problems on your roofs. It’s an obvious sign that your roofs has sustained some kind of moisture damage. 

Should You Repair or Replace Your Roofs?

Whether your roofs needs minor repairs or a complete replacement largely depends on the type and extent of the roofing damage. You don’t need to panic if you notice some minor leaks or a few missing shingles, most of these problems can be easily fixed with some cost-effective repairs.

For more guidance, get in touch with our Admiral Roofing experts to get a FREE estimate and schedule a FREE consultation today.

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