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5 Vital Concerns for Changing Hosting Provider

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Changing Hosting Provider – There are several crucial reasons why you would want to switch to a new web hosting provider. Some of the major reasons could be due to low bandwidth usage and storage space or even because of bad customer service support. Therefore, if you have finalized your decision about changing hosting provider, here are some of the evident aspects that you need to consider before you transfer your web hosting.

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Is Changing Hosting Provider a Good Option?

Consider some of these imperative aspects before you change your web hosting provider. Switching to a new one is a whole new task, but it is definitely not a hassle. Just consider a few things in mind, and you are good to go!

Keep your existing web hosting account active:

It is better if you keep your current web hosting account active until you have completed all the steps. The switching process includes:

  • New account setup
  • Transferring file
  • Email creation and setup
  • DNS modification
  • Propagation

It makes sure that your site and the domain email accounts keep on working during this phase.

Choosing a suitable hosting provider

According to all your requirements, you need to choose the best hosting provider. Therefore enlist your considerations which includes:

  • Type of OS (Windows vs. Linux)
  • Technologies for your website (ASP, MSACCESS, MSSQL, or any other Microsoft-specific technologies)
  • Requirement of a Windows-platform web hosting

Bandwidth and disk space requirements

Make sure you keep a backup record of your existing website. You should download the files in the same pattern, which you need to upload later. Hence, check for any file requirements that you might need to set. To make it more convenient, you can quickly perform it by using FTP.

Nevertheless, there are some web hosting companies that do not offer FTP access. Hence you will be unable to download your existing files and will have to re-create them. You should explore to see if the new web hosting provider allows it or not. To avoid such an issue in the future, make sure that changing the hosting provider gives you access to FTP.

DNS changes and propagation

After you recreate your email accounts and upload your web files to the new web hosting server, you can move to the next significant step. Proceed with making required changes to your domain name server (DNS).

DNS is usually taken when you have signed up with another new web hosting provider. You will need to shift your existing DNS settings to the new ones. The new DNS needs 24-48 hours to propagate; hence, removing the old hosting service should be the last thing.

Cancel Your Old Account: 

Finally, when your new account has been activated, you need to ensure if your website and email services are running efficiently on your new account. After complete assurity, you can proceed to cancel your old account. 

Choose Navicosoft for your Web Hosting Service!

Navicosoft is a top web hosting agency with a team of experts to make web hosting perfect in every aspect. If you consider changing your hosting provider, Navicosoft is the best option for your business. Moreover, we are serving various renowned organizations with top hosting features, including VPS hosting, shared hosting, reseller hosting, dedicated hosting, and cloud hosting.

Navicosoft helps businesses according to their needs. We ensure perfection for your website in every aspect. Whether it is security, speed, uptime, or anything else, we provide you the best of everything. An effortless hosting experience is on your way. 


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