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5 Useful Tips for Cleaning a Metal Roof Safely

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Over 750,000 metal rooves were installed in the US this decade, and that trend is continuing to rise.

Our rooves make up a large part of our property’s overall curb appeal. So it is essential that if you have recently installed one, you know how to clean a metal roof and keep it looking its best.

So, before you grab your ladder, take a quick look at our guide on cleaning a metal roof and how to stay safe while doing so.

1. Take Precautions

Before starting, it is essential to take some serious precautions prior to climbing up onto a roof. Firstly, do not attempt to access a roof when you are alone. Someone else should support the ladder as you climb it and be aware that you are working up on the roof.

Make sure you are wearing non-slip shoes with a good grip. Be careful where you choose to stand or apply your weight, as certain types of metal rooves can be prone to bending.

2. Choose an Overcast Day

The weather is an important factor when you are working on metal roof maintenance. You don’t want it to be a bright sunny day as reflections can be blinding, and you could trip and fall. You will also become quickly dehydrated by the reflected heat from the roof.

Rainy days are not an option for metal roof care as the surface will become slick and dangerous to traverse. Ideally, you need a nice cloudy day with no chance of rain or high winds. Check the weather reports and make sure you find the best day for the job.

3. Don’t Overreach

Trying to reach areas out of your range is one of the main ways people injure themselves when cleaning their rooves. Only clean the area that is safely within your reach.

You can use a brush to sweep clean loose dirt or foliage but do not use it to extend your reach to more distant parts of the roof. Move and sweep, never stretch and sweep. Overextending will lead to a loss of balance and could result in a fall.

4. Avoid Damaging Products

Take care of what detergents you choose to wash the roof with. Toxic cleaning products can stain certain metals. Stick to liquid detergents, like those for car cleaning, to avoid any unnecessary damage when caring for a metal roof.

You should also only use a soft-bristled brush for the job. Stiff bristles will likely scratch the metal surface and leave it looking rough and damaged. 

5. Don’t Use a Power Washer

Most professional metal roof cleaning services will advise that you should never use a power washer to do the job. It is possible to clean a roof with a power washer; however, you should avoid it as often the force of the washer can leave dents in your roof.

Try to stick to a low-pressure hosepipe and brush to keep damage to your metal roof to a minimum.

Tips for Cleaning a Metal Roof

Hopefully, this article has given you some ideas about cleaning a metal roof safely and efficiently. Take your time, and don’t be afraid to ask for help if needed, either from a friend or neighbor, to stay safe when up on your roof.

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